Independence with the Kajola’s 2

Independence with the Kajola's 2

Hello Beautiful People!!!!! 😊
It’s another dayyyyyy😍
A weekend Day😂
I can smell Owambe’s and Partiess😣
But keep in mind ooo
Corona ain’t on any break😉
So Stay Safe🍒

I love ya’ll

I know!!!!
Today is Another Friday…it’s Makson this time oooo.
She dinnor allow my gist to come until today😔

But what can we do.
Let’s just forgive her small head🙄

Beautiful People 😊
May i continue,

Just as we went to our seats…………….ehnehn


Alex introduced to us a girl..which i called turkey skinned as his FIANCE!!!!!!!!

And before my two korokoro naked eyes…..Heiiiii my people😭😭😭😭😭

Aramade stood up and gave her a side hug with a very sincere smile saying

“Nice to finally meet you”

Finally meet what oo??

But with a cool face i smiled at her and introduced myself as she sat.
Taking one glance at Aramade i knew she was hurt but just trying to play cool……But what can i do.

Shit Happens 😑😔

We dug in into our food,and everybody starts gisting about their own thing and finally The Sandra in me takes over😏😉

Haba😂😂i didn’t do or say anything stupid na.
Emi hot kek with the class.
Emi Sandry pumping🤤🤤

No na.

You know me,i cannot just seat down and not feed my eyes to the fullest,i mean at a party like this!!!

If you were born in my house,and you have siblings like mine,

One must definitely go home with;
And Gist.

😂😂it’s never enough.
But since nothing interesting has happened since 😣

Me that was thinking Aramde was going to sas that lady.But another disaapointment😑

Anyways as i sat down relishing in the sweet delicacy of my meal,i also decided to feed this my beautiful eyes.

The surrounding wasn’t enough to satisfy my eyes craving ooo.

So this time around,we took to the streets of outfits.

Omo people clothes dey Bling Bling ooo.
From different shades of green to Different heels,Brands of Bags nko😣

My eyes wanted to fall out.

Meet the poeple on my table.

Mr Kajola,The host of the host dressed rather simple yet it was a money speaking something!!!

A black tux,a very white shirt that was glowing in all its shimmer.
A Lapel of the Nigerian map stood out on the chest area of his suit.
An old man,looking so young in all his glory.

Mrs Kajola!!!
Was a spitting fire 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥
I mean how could a woman this old be looking so ravishing.
She wasn’t dressed like all those women that put on a whole wardrobe on their bodies in the name of fashion.
She put on a long green glitter gown that took to the floor.
It kept sweeping the floor with loveee.

To Aramade’s right was tall looking fine man😋So,Dayo is one cute looking guy with very dreamy eyes.His eyes are brown😣….apparently,he is Aramade’s Oldest brother.He has very high cheek bones,caramel brown in complexion.His hair was barbed low but with a wavy style.
I only got to see his Black Tux and White shirt,cos he was already sitting before i got there.
One word!!
He was dashing 😉

He ain’t single oooo

And Lovingly beside him was his lovely date😣
Ayiiiiii…she’s sweet.
When i tell you that God sat down to creatively mold and perfect a person.

Haaa.. She’s the one.

God!!!!!!….She was a natural spec.
The one that blows air in Indian films😂😂😍😚.
She’s looked like the spice Dayo’s food has been missing all long.

Apparently,the two little angels of the family are twins and like always mothers always want them dress in pairs.Feranmi and Eniola.

No joor😂😂Feranmi wasn’t on gown.

Eniola had a very dark green floral gown on,while feranmi has a black suit(as always) but his pocketchief was made from Eniola’s gown material.
They looked so cute and small yet old.

You see Sarah,yelzzzz thats Alex’s fiance.
I donno why i called her turkey skinned,maybe it was the anger i was feeling on behalf of Aramade.

But in reality this girl is beautiful 😣.
Smooth skin..check
Pink lips…check
Pure dark skin…check.

This girl knew she had it,and she didn’t fail to flaunt it😙😙😙

She put on a thin hand,green dinner gown that held her upper body really well.
It was a loose but fitted.

That’s what it is
It is what it is😙

I had to look under the table to check out her shoe.
She was in glass heels.
The hand that her ring was on she kept it under the table.Diamond!!!!!! 😍😉 and sparkling under the stars.

Who keeps a Diamond ring under the table??
Me 😂😂I’ll scratch my hair 100 times with that hand

In all she was beautiful!!!!!!

Alex…Alex….I know alex wore suit and a green shirt but i really can’t remember😂😂because i was soo angry at him and didn’t even pay attention.

That’s all on every body on our sweet table.

But mehn this party is just like a magnetic field that attracts all the metals of our dear politicians and money speaking people in the society

From where i was sitting i could literally feel the pull of money and power….

We getting there People!!!!
All of us😏

We had finished our meals and we were just talking randomly.Adult talk and where bussiness was mentioned i was soo surprised to see myself giving long speech talks.

Until we heard someone scream.

All heads turned to see what was happening.

It was as if the angels knew the right place to put me when we sat at the table.

I turned just 25° (I know the degrees i turned oo) to my left and i had the perfect view of the whole happening
Not too close and not to far.

It was just right😉

My my my it was a hit one.

A lady in white shirt and a black skirt,who was a waitress was given a very hot slap that resounded…Getting a “Haaaaa” from almost everybody.

I felt the slap was very hot,cos the lady in question was still holding her face for like 10 mins.

My body shook for her.


But the elagantly dressed woman who should be in her early 30’s wasn’t through.
She carried the girl by the colar and started calling her names.

Well this kind of thing was molestation right,and not supposed to be condoned.

I was about to ask aramade why they hadn’t separated them,when i just heard,

“But ma,ive apologised”,the lady said crying

“I tripped and that was why the wine spilled,im sorry ma”.

But it was like that apology just triggered the madness in the woman.

“E ma wo omo ale yi”,

“Look at this bastard”,

“Ya talking back at me”,she said as she gave the lady another push on the floor.

But what happened next was amazing.

The lady stood up in anger carried the woman and threw her down on the floor.

As this fight went on and on..i just found myself rather amused and laughing😂😂😂

Nobody wanted to go in their midst.

Who wanted to dress high into this place and leave looking in shambles.

I just took my face away to pick my fork that fell when i felt something touch my feet.

The wig of the woman had been taken off by the angry lady.
😂😂😂i wish you could have seen her hair🤧

They started 30 miles after her forehead☺…

That was the breaking point ooo.

She got so embarrased she stood up.
Slapped the guy who was her so called date,and cried as she went out.

I couldn’t stop laughing.
I donno if it was right or not but i couldn’t.

Aramade joined me too.

You know that point when you wanna stop your laughter😂😂but you just can’t.
Like the volcano of laughs just keeps erupting within you.

Even after her dad told us to keep it down.
It was soo hard.

Aramade went out to hear the full gist and came back to give me.

Apparently the woman’s date was sitting with his leg out.So as the waitress was passing by doing her duties she tripped on his leg making her spill the drink on the woman.

And in this guy’s good faith to keep her from falling he mistakenly held her by her chest and ass😂😂😂

And this was what triggered the madness and fight that occured.

You see people have madness 😂😂

She just embarrased herself there infront of the world😂😂

But it was all good.

The party ended quite early and i took another sweet cool ride in Aramade’s car to my father’s house.

What a party!!😂😂

Author’s Note

I just love y’all 😣😍


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