Independence with the Kajola’s

Independence with the Kajola's

Hello People 😊
It’s another dayyyyyy😍
A weekend Day😂
Have it splendid.

Independence day🇳🇬.
Oct 1 marked the 60th year that Our country Nigeria got our independence from Britain.

Our sweet🇳🇬country Nigeria.
Is 60 years old…We are old oo
But then are we really worth the age??
Maybe one day we shall….

I woke up this day feeling sooo normal😂😂
Going about my daily routine.

Wake up by 7am
Go online and scroll through IG till 9 am.
Then stand up.

This one is a very normal and steady routine ever since corona and it doesn’t seem to wanna wear off.

Anyways,i stood up from the bed,unconsciously singing the national anthem

🎵Arise O’compatroits🎵

And for some reason it sounded really sweet 😁..😂Independence vibes uhn??

And i found myself singing very passionately.
My sister’s joined…Oh yeah it was a public holiday so they were home 😉.

We were about to go into the second verse,

🎵Oh God of Creation🎵

When my ringtone,Baptize me x Jacob Banks blasted through the room,receiving angry glares from my sisters as they stormed out of the room.

When i checked the caller,i was in total shock.
Aramade was calling me.

Aramade Kajola,is the daughter of a very wealthy bussiness tycoon Mr Kajola(I sound like al those romance novels😂😂)

A bussiness man that has plantain plantations across the country.

Aramade is a slim yet curvy girl,her smile and giggles,something i greatly admire.

Aramade and I met during our first year in the University of Aja.We hit off pretty well but we aren’t friends like that.

But we cool.

We haven’t even spoken since the last semester in our first year and now she’s calling me.

It took me a whole 10 mins to process why she was calling me.

What could have happened??
Is she in trouble??
Did i say anything to anybody??
She might have seen me somewhere,But where?

Different questions kept popping in my head oo.

Just as i was about to pick the call and answer the call went off😂😂

How ironic.

I still contemplated on calling back.

I mean i wasn’t scared but my guts just kept telling me to be prepared and shii.

That i’d do a lot of talking and all.

But talking for what🤧

I was dailing her number when i heard.

“You do not have sufficient credit to complete this call,Dail *321# to borrow credit and complete your call”

I didn’t even allow the machine to say it the next time before i cut it.

I was already feeling guilty,what if she was in trouble and i was the only one she could call on.

I was about leaving the room when it rang again..this time i ran to it like my life depended on it.

When i picked it and said,”Hello”

I was panting.

Then came a small tiny voice i hadn’t heard in years.

“Hello,Pls am i speaking with Sandra??”.

“Yes you are oo mama,you don’t even recognize my voice”

And with just that i spent the next 1 hour on the phone saying No and Yes😂😂

“Sandra!!!!,Guy ive missed you oo,How have you been”

And we exchanged pleasantries.

Until she dropped the bomb.

“Sandra,i need a favour”.

“Alex has broken up with me😭😭😭!!!”

I was dumbstruck…Alex was her boyfriend of 4 years and that started way before we even met and If anyone had told me to bet on them and thier relationship,I would have bet them getting married for a 100 dollars.

Thank God oo i dinnor bet oo

When i asked her why??

She said,that he gave up excuses of not being able to keep up,not being able to understand how he was expected to do.

I was soo lost but i think i got her a little.

I begged her and told her to just keep calm.

Then she put her manipulative self to work…

“Um..Sandra Thank you very much for this…hon estly i really appreciate your words.
The thing is i know what to do about our relationship but i have a bigger task ahead to cross tonight”.

I was listening with very rapt attention.

“I know we aren’t really friends but i know you love me😣”

I couldn’t help but laugh😂😂

“There’s this dinner my dad holds every independence evening and i don’t have a date and it’s compulsory i come with one”.

“Well…What do you think you can do??,i replied”

You know if i could do anything I’d definitely do it.

“Well i was thinking you could uhmm…

Wait way.
I couldn’t possibly let Tegha follow a complete stranger to a dinner oo.

So don’t even think there oo you people.

“…..Follow me”

Ohh😂 yeah right she wanted me to follow her.

After declining and declining i did accept and Boom…. i was preparing for my independence Partey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got down to do my house chores by 10:30 to meet my mums scowling face.
Wondering what I’ve been doing all morning.

When i told her about the party like this, everybody was activated to planning mood.

From what to wear,how to wear my hair,what i would look like🤧

It was stressful oo.

I had to look for a very nice dress and something i had hardly worn.

Since the party was a formal one and the colour code was green,it helped in narrowing my search for a dress.

After turning my whole box and wardrobe upside down.

I found an old yet rarely worn green bodycon knee length forest green dress.
This gown held my curves so tightly 😃😁

Oh yess this girl got the curves people!!!

It was an off shoulder too.

I put on a black heel.
My small small stud earrings was what i kept on,with my mums gold bracelets 😁

Then i let my sister wendy do her magic on my face😍and with all that i was looking classy.

And yess i wore my mum’s wig.
My hair was soo undone😂😂not like i knew I’d be going for any party.

Not too bling bling and not too was just right😉

By 4pm i knew Aramade was going to show up any moment so i carried my bag and stepped out.

As i was locking the gate,a black sleek rolls royce was crusing into my estate.

This one was a hot ride!!!!!

The black colour was shining like that of a newly born black horse.

The reeving sound of the engine..Stupid girl kept on pressing the accelerator.

Spoil it oo😂😊

The car taking my breathe away was one thing.The person coming out of it was another.

Aramade was already a pumping adrenaline to the male specie.

She had all the curves in the right places,her green gown held her so carefully.

She stepped out in all her glory leaving every soul that beheld her in awe..including me.

The koko of everything is that,my girl was smoking hot🔥🔥

We got into the car and Mama drove us all the way to the party of the year.

When i say Party of the Year..I mean the party of the year.

From the outside lasan i knew that this party was classy

Outside the mansion had a very simple design but When simplicity meets with money…My dear that’s what this party was.

It was evening time but right there if a pin should fall from my dress i was going to find it.

Naturlity was infused too.

The lighting outside was made from fire flies in a glass jar,hung on wires all around the compound that parked over 300 cars.

The water fountain wasn’t clear water again,it was green white green.

How that happened i have no idea but it was freaking coool.

As if that wasn’t enough.

Inside the mansion my mouth was left wide open.
I took a side glance at Aramade and i knew she had seen this a million times.

The roof of the mansion was opened up.we could see the stars and relish its beauty.

Oh my my😍🙈

It was indeed a beauty.

The party was going rather well.
I mean why else would this bussiness man create such an even??

For bussiness 😂

So me, i was just looking at different kinds of dresses,people and all the party comes with

The FOOD!!!!

Oh My!!!!!!!!

It was epic,massive

Geez…i was stomacfied.

I mean,i don’t like food oooo…But when i see food ehn,i cannot but want to eat it all.

Lets start from the basis….
We had varieties from Local dishes,international goodies and a blavadoo of Delicacies.

My one time Love Ofada rice,Nigerian jollof,snail sauce,fufu,okra soup,Efo riro😢😣
Chinese rice,Smitten Chicken,spagetthi bolongonese,Shrimpssss,Chicken soup,Friedrice,varieties of salads that looked so mesmerizing

Desserts nko…stuffed meat pie,chicken pie,mooses from chocolate to red velvet,cake slices,fruit parfiats and what blew my head was the pizza’s…They were in green and white😢.

It was doing me like i should take it all bits by bits but then😁😂

In this kinda party there’s plenty food just for face…They aren’t eaten.

But even at that,my gown wouldn’t let me.

I shuu not ho and fumble oo

I just managed to take my eyes away and took 2 scoops of Ofada rice with its sauce,1 scoop of chinese rice glazed with soy sauce, a smitten chicken and glass of water.

I had a feeling that alcholic drinks were the parties real guest so i decided against a drink.

Yup all in 1 plate…The scoop was one tiny thing like this jare.

After Aramade and I helped ourselves to the table where i met with her gorgeous family.

A familiar face walked up to our table,greeting the Kajola’s and giving me a nod.

I thought he was a little bit attractive until he introduced himself as Alex and the turkey skinned beside him as His fiance.

But what shocked me the most was the Reply Aramade gave…..


Author’s Note

Happy Independence to Nigeria🇳🇬

Thank you once again for joining us on this beautiful ride😊😍

Have a wonderdul weekend


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