It has finished

It has finished


😂😂Don’t mind me ooo
It’s Monday😣
My beautiful sisters are resuming school today leaving me all lonely.
But anyways…Everyday is always a good day isn’t it??.
So Lets all be Happy😍

With the way this rain has been giving us down here in Nigeria back to back,on this sweet monday i bring good tidings from the clouds.

They said this week,Rain shall surely come😊but only those who owe money shall be beaten😂😂

Happy New week people💜💜

What’s that thing that you always fear the existence of its happening..yet it happens.

What’s that thing that when it happens,it brings nothing but a sudden shock,sadness and a reel of mixed unpleasant emotions.

What’s that thing that when it happens unexpectedly it brings forth nothing but a bag of stress.

What’s that thing that when it happens your first expression says “Oh God No😭,Not today!!!”

But it has already happened.

I’ll tell you what mine is🙄

Mine is a situation that is announced with a sentence.


Haaaaaaaa…I cannot begin to start on how painful this experience is.

In life,I’ve come to realize that no matter how careful you are ONE DAY…Gas will still shame you.


The most annoying part is that when you have a feeling that it would soon run out and ya prepared that okay ooo on sunday i’m gonna refill this Gas.You’ll use it till Wednesday and when it runs out maybe 7 am on Thursdays while ya about to cook 😑

That moment someone calls out that sentence,it feels like my heart would soon fall.i mean the thougth of carrying that 12.5kg of gas that feels like it weighs 450kg from the estate of our house to the main road is like an impossible mission.

The Sun
The Heat
The Anger
The Stress
The Annoyance

All in one.

Recently,a few days ago.I was supposed to fill the gas this month as per i bakedddddd and dinnor buy the gas back😂

But i was broke😣what could i have done.So instead of filling full i filled half thinking before 2 weeks runs out oo i would have had cash.

I was expecting big money to fall,you should have seen all my Igara(pride) that i was even gonna fill the gas full when i got the money.

Even the bible says and i quote(in tears)

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

My people i was disgraceddddd😭😭😭

Pride wey no get back up..No rely on it oooo

The money dinnor come.Money that i had already spent in my head and everything.This money dinnor show oo.

Stupid of me oo,i na felt like eating cake that’s how is still baked cake..WITH GAS FOR 2 GOOD HOURS.

And my mummy made one statement that night and it was then i knew,Mo ti fe te(i was gonna overdo it…sheybi that’s the english translation😂).

She said,”Ti gas yen ba tan oooo”.(If that gas should finish)

Shey you see that cake,i dinnor eat it in peace.
My heart was just praying please gas don’t finish please lemme just get small money to fill it up.

Like i always say..

My wishes do come true but when they come with an extra large sized smoothie..

The gas dinnor finish that night oooo…Infact my dear people we used it till Saturday Morning.

It was 9pm Saturday night,we were just about to cook dinner.
Normally we have some nights when we have difficulties in choosing one exact meal that every body will eat.

But this night took longer than normal…..It was a sign.

A sign that i failed to see.

When we all agreed on taking spaghetti and chicken sauce.

I tried putting on the gas with the lighter it didn’t come on.

My heart was already beating fast.

I went for a match box,i struck it and fire has never looked so beautiful with the way i looked at it.

Spagetthi on the fire,my chicken dancing in its bubbles too with me scrolling away through IG.

When i heard my sister wendy say the heart attacking Sentence,

“Mummy,Gas has finished”.

At that moment,all i wanted was for the ground to just swallow me.

The look in my mum’s eyes could kill and matchet a soul at once.

I ran to be sure and my fears were confirmed.

Thank God for our mothers that always keep friends with neighbours ooo

She called me to go and pick one from our neighbours home

I ran with full speed.

We made dinner but i dinnor hear the rest of it.

The chicken sef no sweet for mouth😭😭

Spagetthi,I’m 100 percent sure it dinnor digest.

My dad gave me money to fill the gas the next day after service BUT…………….



It is we indeed😂😂

My beautiful readers,thank you for catching Sandra again today.

Do not forget to like,drop your beautiful comments and share.

Happy New Week😍

Makson 👣

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