Meet Roonie.

Meet Roonie.

My peopleeeee!!!!
Its friday again😉
A swooshing mooshing one🍧
The best time for Icecream😭😣
So get yourself a bowl and enjoy the weekend.


I know😣😭
You are angry🙇‍♀️
I’m so sorrrrrrrry
I didn’t say Hi on monday.

Ema binuuuuu.

On Monday ehn,i was the most disorganized person you could ever come across.
From solving an impromptu order,let delivery guy come and pick it up ooooo

That’s how i waited for over an hour oo… and no delivery guy.

The lady i was going to deliver too had been waiting since.

I was sooo angry😑

Last last i was the one that went to do delivery looking like a banshee😭.

So that’s how my Monday went not allowing me to see your lovely reading eyes.

Ema binu ehn,i apologise.

Am i forgiven???

Now for today😉
I bring to you something Sandry😂

A gist that takes us down the memory lane but focuses on our present.

A few days back,i was watching a T.V. show,Entertainment Splash on TVC this guys are vibessssss mehn,you should really check them out.

They’ve been giving us back to back ehn,we get to see latest entertainment gist and also hear from the former BBN house mates.

Funny how I’ve never watched the show and I’m always oblivious to gists about it.

But then all na cruise.

So on this particular day,one of the host her name is Arike..arike with the dimples.

She started ranting and me too i wanna join her rant oo😂😂

She started about the nonsense nemesis that Nollywood movies have made us to believe in especially when it comes to relationships.

I stand out to say,

If i say NO to a guy,Ogbeni i can’t be hawking water on the road oo and he’ll na be riding Benz.

One day he’ll na park beside me and shout.
“Sandra, do you remember me??”

To fi a kwa

No oo what do you think i am??

A brain dormant individual??😂😂

Cos me i don’t get people any more oo.

A girl’s reason for telling a guy NO is her own bussiness biko and people should accept that jare.

If its because he’s poor or not.

Na you go help her date him ni??

But that doesn’t mean after 5 years the lady will be hawking and he will be rich.

This thing just pisses me off jare😂😂.

Like no other storyline ni??

But that’s not my gist jare.
So now the day i watched this show,i was coming back from an errand when i saw Ronnie.

Ronnie was a very good childhood friend of mine in primary school.But we grew quite apart before we finished primary school.

We finally met,after over 14 long years….

Mehn that was long ooo

Me sef i can boldly say i knew somebody 14 years ago😣😭

I have grown ooo

When i saw him,he was light looking as usual😉taller and normal skinny(you know the way all this big boys looklike na),had this accent and was wearing a black beanie.His walking style hasn’t changed still.

😂😂Those days.

Me on the other hand😂😂😂,Its everytime I will see somebody that i always look like a banshee😭😭😭😭😭


I was wearing one jeans like this that was very big,a pink top that had dirty stains on them.My hair packed in a bun that hadn’t been repacked for 2 days.

I was just off😑
Looking like a person they sent packing out of the house.

But then 😋i brought to myself the biggest smile one could ever see.
So that one made up for my Shabby look.

Abi,what could i do??

After we saw,we just said Hi and piam that was all.No long greetings not like i expected any tho.

Because,gists of 14 years isn’t something an old distant friend would listen too.


But what did i know??

Just as i was walking home,memories of my previous years came flooding.
Days of primary school,ones we spent together and BOOM….

The memory of one day came to my mind.

Ronnie and i were friends from my former school and even when i changed school,we met once again.

Seat mates even.

We bacame closer and cool,you know primary school kind of things.

Years ago,on a Wednesday,i remember the day so well cos its the day we wear our green tunik 😂.

I was sitting in class,writing my sweet note from my board.
Then i heard,

Sandra my love.
Sandra my baby.
Be my Baby
I love you.

😂😂😂😂Don’t ask me how i remember oo cos me sef i donno.

But i just do.

This wasn’t the first time he’d say it.

He had told me to my face,that he liked me,i should be his girlfriend.

But what did we know sef😂😂

But this day of all replies to give,my anger decided to surface.

Did i ever tell you that i had..Yes Had.

God has helped me🙇‍♀️.

But this day,my anger was still a brewing volcano.

This day,i knew i gave him a piece of my mind.I insulted and told him not to ever reffer to me as that.

But what was doing me was i had a crush on another person😂😂.

And you know guys na…They wouldn’t want to eye someone their friend’s like.

Bro Code

But not like he was even eyeing me😂

But still i didn’t like Roonie.

At the end of the day my crush no even look my side 😣…I na helped him with another girl💔💔💔💔💔

But then that was like the last encounter i had with Roonie.

Every other one was on a classmate basis.

I remember feeling so bad(becauseof the way i replied him) and in as much as i tried to clear the air.

It all came down to our relationship was strained……

So when i saw him a few days back looking like i was thrown down from the bike into a pool of mud.

I wondered if he thought i was really hawking and beacuse he was looking all dolled up.

Maybe he wondered if nemesis had caught up to me🙄


I wouldn’t blame him tho.

But still It doesn’t exist.

Just imagine it did ooo🙄

Couny all the guys or girls you’ve told NO too how many things do you think you’d be selling or hawking??


Author’s Note

I’ll be hawking over 10 different kinds of things oooo😉

Happy Friday😚😚
Thank you once again for reading today😊.
It’s time for weekend.
Oya drop those worries and Enjoy what this weekend has to offer.

If by any chance you feel bored or need a laugh.
Just Open Sandra.

Don’t forget to like and share too.

Happy Weekend😍



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