My Driving Fantasy

My Driving Fantasy

Bored I was one Saturday morning.I decided to take a ride around the city.I loved driving soo much you could call me a freak.
And today I decided to show off my driving skills.
I sat in my Black Hennesy Venom GT Spyder.The reeving sound bolstered my ego.
“This ia gonna be mad”, I told myself laughing.
I was soo excited.

Driving from my house,I blasted my favourite rock music,Seven o’clock by pearl jam.
In that moment I felt like Vin deisel.Funny right??.
“I was gonna make this drive”,i told myself.
I took sharp turns,leaving ever car swiftly.i was fast and hot!
Reaching the highway line,I saw it soo long and all so smooth.
“My future is here”,I told myself smiling.
You wouldn’t believe how small those cars looked to me.
Hitting my gas,I drove into the highway at 427km/h and within time I went past may cars.
Swerving right and left.After every turn I would raise my hand out and give a peace sign.
I was getting glares from many drivers which onky triggered laughter from me.
On reaching the gates of the next city,it was close to sunset and I decided to head home.Turning around I sight a train.Then it hits my head.
“I can do it”,I kept chanting to myself.
I parked my car at the side of the road facing the rail.
Setting my camera on my dashboard ready to make history.I was soo confident.
Starting my engine,the train was 2 mins near me. I hit the accelerator ready to cross the rail.
Suddenly my car stopped on the rail.
My tires were stuck,I couldn’t head was in disarray.With the train blasting it’s horn,I took in a last long breath,closing my eyes to receive what was coming.

Suddenly,I felt a tap.
“Shola!!,Shola!!,”My sister called me.
My eyes opened straight
“Stand up it’s almost 11 am ,Mummy is gonna kill you”she said angrily.
Then I laughed.
“What’s funny oooooo”she said
“I think I’d rather let mummy kill me than a train”.



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