Its Weekend 😂😂
I donno why friday sweets me oo
It’s not like its gonna be spent differently from the previous days of the week but then…

If you like call me amebo😂😂don’t worry i didn’t come to do ofofo today but just incase your eye catches somethings ehn,
Know that it was inevitable😉😁.

Ever since i was young,growing up till i became a teenager😊all my ideas of parties were.
All those ones for Iya sikiras daughter that is getting married.One of-my mum’s friend that is doing a parents burial.Naming ceremony and the 9ja likes..

It was when i even got to like primary 5 that i was opened to another set of party.All these ones that children are going for now gan its nothing.The ones of sleep over,swimingpool,bouncing castle??
Where were those during our time

Still in the drain of invention.

The second class of parties i attended then were birthday parties.The parties that our parents would take us and gather themselves at the back.Leaving us to listen to the clown that isn’t even funny😣😭.
We will eat jollof rice and chicken inside tetrapack take Pepsi or Miranda and line up for party pack😂😂.

Those beautiful days 😂😚

Third class ehn,was my years in Junior secondary school at least this time we still had small freedom.Our parents would drop us off and we will do the normal rice in tetrapack with pepsi just that our parents aren’t gonna be there.

How time flies ehn,now i look at this days and just laugh.

I look back and I realise that the years from my Junior level in secondary school to senior was a long 3 years but in the eyes it looked like it happened in a flash of the eyes😂😂

When i was in Senior School,we were much in my school oo and people were always grooving and partying normal,steady steady.

I got invited to my first party.As an SS student😂😂.If they had known they wouldn’t have invited me oo.

Me i never knew that people just organise party for organising and groving sake oo.
If it’s not wedding or birthday abeg what are we doing party for oo.

Little did i know.

I was invited for a party on one weekend just like this and i was gonna go on a saturday.It was one of my close friends and she told me we would go together.

In the mind of my mind i thought we were going for one birthday party oo

I got a small box of cookies and packed it for the celebrant.
I hate going to parties without gift cos it will pain me too if someone comes to mone without anything😂

Don’t worry 😂😂i didn’t wear flower dress and socks.
I’m a jeans freak😣 wanna buy me cloth buy me jeans ooo..I wee love you always.😍🤗

So,i put on a black jeans,pink top with my pink all stars.

I’m not actually a fan of pink, but thee who buys we i cannot dear complain or elseeeeeee🙄.
I’d be wearing one clothe for the rest of my youthful life.

Packing my hair in a bun,it was school week so they will understand.

I met Sade my friend ooo what shook me was her appearance.

Come and see Sade mama..My girl turn into a slay queen In just one day.Her dress was speaking smoking hot chilly pepper…Atarodo Sauce!!!!!
From her wig,dress..heels….nails sef.

She just transformed.

I was almost feeling intimidated ooo but what i didn’t know was that i was just about to start.

That’s how we got down from her dad’s car ooo….I turned round and i saw one long queue of ladies and guys standing outside a CLUB..Club Socket.

The club looked very beautiful on the exterior.
Short but it was wide.It had 3 beautiful flower pots outside.

But what my eyes didn’t faol to notice were the 2 darkly chocolate dark bouncers.
They were so dark that thier black shades seemee to already blend with their skin.

“Abeg wetin we dey find here??”

That was the look I gave sade but the only response i got,was the smacking sound of her ass and the resounding clicks of her heels.

I’m sure that when we got in line we were number 300 and something ooo.

We were na standing under the sun again😭😭😭come and see different shades of makeup🙄.

Green powder for red skin..Purple lipstick on a red gown😂.Wipers(eyelashes)Nko??
I donno if it’s compulsory to wear heels ooo come and see oversized shoes.

Some wigs nko??
The suku from school on friday was potruding making the head look like it had a boil.

Opor yeeh yeeh😂😂

The sun wasn’t even helping matters ooo.
Makeup was just smearing,come and see people shouting…

The only thing that pained me was that i was sweating under it and all i just wanted to do was to loose my hair,shower and sleep.

I was still in secondary school 😂😂what did i know than to be looking.
No one to talk too,i dinnor even find sade again.

That’s how i just saw my classmates🙈

Guy i was intimidated.Amongst them i na felt like a 3 years old girl hanging out with 10 year olds😑

If you see your mates that you always wear and still wear school skirt and socks,slaying.

How will you feel oooo

We entered ooo,as i stepped in,everywhere became RED!!!!!!!

cos of the red light ooo.

Music was too loud,as if speakers where at every gaddam space of the room.

My head was already spinning from the smell of sweat hovering around.

Come and see people pushing and pushing.

I was sha hearing one guy on stage…they said he was a star but till today i donno who he was sef cos everything was just dark jare.

When hits song started nko??

I saw people shouting,screaming and dancing.

Bodies against bodies…paired people nko.
From twerking to all the gbogbo dance.

All through my stay in that place,i just kept on looking for that i could just leave.

The place felt like it was choking me…well it was oo.

See smell of sweat🤧

I’m allergic to alcohol and cigar???

Was just worse 😷

I dinnor eat oo😐or even drink water with the fear that something will be inside it.

Shuga has taught me alot.

But then my stomach was crying out in pain.Me that thought i was coming to eat jollof rice with chicken.

But nothing😣

You’ll ask about my cookies abi

When i was coming inside that’s how one guy like this was weirdly smiling at me then he grabbed the gift.Few minutes he came back handing it to me.


I told him he could keep it with the most beautiful smile i had.

I sat down at one corner on a red three seater chair,letting my eyes run all over the scenes before my eyes when i saw Amanda,our schools hottest girl,smacking lips with one gbongo fish head of a guy…

After all her love declarations with victor our head boy but then Mumu ni boy yen…She will beg him and piam he will go back into her arms.

I was still thinking about that one ooo when i felt the chair dip beside me.

I looked i na saw that it was Victor..My thoughts about his girlfriend fest went sef.

He wasn’t looking soo happy and i wanted to use the opportunity to leave before Amanda will come and kiss his common sense good bye.

I asked him if he wanted to leave.

Baba said yes

Kia,i followed him straight away 😂😂.

When i found my way out of the club,if felt like i hadn’t seen sunlight in years.

Finding my way out was like the only thing i needed to escape oo.

On my way home,i just wondered how people would claim they were enjoying that kind of party ooooo.

That was the first and last time i ever attended that kind of party.


Author’s Note

Happy Weekend People😍😍

Thank you once again for reading Sandra today😊.
Don’t forget to like and drop your comments.

Have a graceful weekend ahead🤗,


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