Purple Friday

Purple Friday

My babies😊😁
How did your week go??
It’s Friday I knowwww😄😣
The beggining of weekend😍

Music to my ears people.
Enjoy the weekend wella ooo.


My somto monto people.


Presently as I’m writing this i’m at a wedding.

But this is different from all those owambes that I’ll dress up in new lace,carry gele tuntun for head combine with heels and a flawless make-up.

This time around,I’m elegantly dressed in a very beautiful onion purple lace gown,that i used for bridal train during one of my aunts wedding a few years back.

But then Gown yen O med!!!!

I’m wearing it to a party where the colour code is Burungdy and Champagne gold..


That’s not all ooo.

I’m wearing slippers😣😭🤧,no make up..i dinnor even do hair sef 😂😂.

Now you’ll ask,
“What’s wrong with this slay diva that she’s not slaying today??”

Ejo mi wa ko ooo(it’s not my fault😭)


My mum is the caterer for this wedding,so let’s say I’m half attending.

You know when your mum is a catereer and you just want everything to work well so we can go back home and sleep in peace our sleepless night.

We had a wedding we were catering for miles away from home and and in this corona they f
Decided to do the engagarment with the reception.

After my sleepless night of sleeping 3am and Waking up 4:30 am,i walk up into an atmosphere.

An atmosphere of angry,annoying,hungry,sad people in a sitting of love.

Now lemme go straight to my day.

In as much as i want to give you all the details word for word,

I am tired 😣.

My legs are sore and all they wana do now is sleep( I’m speaking for my entire soul tho)😂😂

I’m writing this in the midst of noises from an angry set of Yoruba women.

Down to this wedding,

It’s like the joining of two tribes is now rampant ooo.

Im glad people are seeing that despite the diversity in culture we are all one set of lovely Nigerains.

The bride is a yoruba lady while the groom was from delta😊

I donno what they call them.

This caused us to cook different kinds of dishes oo.

From Banga,to edikaikong,pounded yam,Yellow eba and all sorts.

Ko easy😭

I’ve not eaten oooo🤧

It was even today that i knew that its the brides family that hosts the groom oo

Me i thought it was a 50/50 thing

The wedding was a classy one,nice,but one thing my 9ja people never fail to do is fight when it comes to food.


I was in charge of the servers,you know i direct them on what table to serve and we do it table by table till every single person eats.

I just don’t get why people just can’t relax 😣

Haha na only food you come chop??

That’s how i was hearing,

“This man is elderly hasn’t eaten since”

And after few minuted i meet baba and find his table empty.

No food on it…i’ve been scammed.

“This women came all the way from warri,already leaving and they haven’t eaten”.

They lead the servers away.

Now,im sitting in front of the women going back to warri 3 hours ago ooo.

“Come here”
“This man here”

I was soo fraudstrated,that i didn’t know when i shouted to those family members.

“Did you give us this job or not,If you know you are not part of us please leave this place and let us do our job.”

My mum was dumbfounded😂😂

Me sef😂😂😂

That’s how i just started giving orders,

“You,follow me we are moving to table 3”.

“If anybody tells you to come just keep moving”

Upon all the social distancing and all…when the war for food started

Corona was forgotten 😂

It worked for a little while but then my 9ja people are always stubborn.

Even the guest sef were not helping matters.

You’ll collect food not eat and you’ll be saying you’ve not eaten.

There was this time I stood for about almost 45 mins on one table and i was seeing 5 tables,not a single drop of food and food had passed beside over 20 times.


After all the wedding and the serving and washing.

I sit down(that’s where i meet the women 😂) and try to inhale the scenery of the wedding.

That’s how i saw the bride and groom,all lovey dovey.

Awnnnn…at that moment😣it was doing me like i shuu get married ooo.

I felt it deep within my chest oo.

It was like i heard someone telling me YOU’LL SOON GET MARRIED.

Who knows sef boya its a sign..

Abi what do you think??😂😂.

That’s how some gangan guys just came to my side and started drumming….


they started praising me and my hometown…i donno where my feet got strength from ooo.

I na started this dance.

Mehnn this dance oo bad gan,i sha made 1k👀
Abi something for the dance and stress😂😂

Haaaa before i forget…All this eastern guys are fine oooo😣..

Chei in the heart of my mind i was just thinking it was because Tegha was Tegha

But mehn..they’ve all got the Handsomeness gene flowing like a rapid torrent oooo.

Forget the groom sef…come and see finefine bobos.

If to say all my single girls were here now..i would have sare link you up😂😂

My day today was 70% stressful,20 percent fun and 10 percent weak.

What a wonderful day to spend a Friday in a purple dress🤧.

Our Sandra is tired,

What a day🤧
But not to worry😁

Tommorow is Saturday.


Have a beautiful Night rest
And a great weekend.



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