S meets T

S meets T

Yo 😉
Im currently listening to Beautiful People by Chris brown and I’m feeling the Lazy Friday vibes.

My muslim people…Barka De Sallah❤
To think i have plenty places to eat meat😣but mummy said,”ma lo o coro wa n ta😔”

Anyways😂Every body enjoy this sweet weekend.
Music recommendation for the weekend,See you when you get there by 40 theves ft collo…..you’ll enjoy it if you love old school 😊.

On today’s episode of Sandra’s memorylane.

I’m taking you to a few years back when i met that naughty head of a boy Tegha 😚.
So hold your seatbelt tight😁it’s a meeting ride😂.

Well,Well,Well our meeting was a rather 😂 um…whats the word “weird??” I don’t think so.
But it wasn’t the usual.

I’m sure you’ve heard of stories or you’ve read books where a guy and girl that ends up together either “Start as enemies”…..Or “Love at first sight”…

But then should i say a love story was wayyy far from my intention.
But you see that other party🙄..That’s their story to tell😊.

Funny thing,it was around this time few years back we met.
The date I’m not quite sure.But one thing i know is i didn’t see him first😂but me ooo i took the bold step first😣.

All of you shouting “did she die” about…..i shake my heads for una.

Anyways back to my story.

We met at a lesson centre where we met,became friends and now the rest is history!

So to my story,
I resumed this lesson late after a long break and boom i’m meeting new faces which was highly expected.

With my normal waka about self,i was never so settled in one class(due to one useless subject combination)so i never really got the chance to meet everybody.

But as days went by,i kept seeing this cute light BOY with long nailssssss.My fatal attraction 😍Those nails are to die for(Till now sef..i no know wetin con attract me with nails…i mean its soo wierd😂)

But i’d always been a person who liked nails.
My own ideology was..”A guy able to keep his nails growing moderately(not all those Kilimanjaro heights)and neat was able to take care of anything”

Better don’t adopt it 😂it makes absolutely no sense.

And on the other side,this name kept rolling on the lips of everybody “Tegha”.
But i must say😌its sounds better on mine😉

So i was very eager to see who this all mighty Tegha was and also get to talk with the light boy.

He seemed to talk with every body except me.

Oga ooo(I have suffered gan)

But you know me na…deep inside the deep of my heart,i told myself he has to talk to me by hook or by crook.

Don’t ask me what i was thinking then oo..lets just say the mind and the heart decided to work leaving my brain aside.

Days into weeks,i totally forgot about saying Hi to the new boy..not like we didn’t see,my head was just wrapped around that which i would consider now a waste of my precious thinking ability😣.

I can’t even remember how i found out Tegha was the light long nailed boy i was not crushing on🙄you could call it “an attraction of deep minded souls”…

Yeah that😂it makes it sound cool.

As i got to see more of him,it was one girl to another(in my mind i was like this one seems like a playboy oo).

How would i say this..He is a guy with a playboy hard surface,which attracts girls(except me☺what attracted me is different) but i don’t get oo..

Why is it all the dark looking playboyish boys girls tend to attract first??

Anyways,i later got to find out why he’s soo attractive apart from the good looks(he’s always rubbing in my face😏)

He had almost all the answers to everything and His laugh,😢the most beautiful I’ve ever heard.
You know laughters,that echoes and vibrates,leaving your heart all fluttery and jittery…So contagious😣that no matter how stone faced you are it would leave you with a grin😁

Now back to my story…

Even during all this times,he hadn’t said HI,neither did I


The reason i hadn’t wasn’t because i couldn’t ooo…He was just always out of reach!!!

But then my lucky day came😋

There’s this sign(called..who knows sef😂)that he’d do with a couple of girls and that seemed like the only way to get his attention.

I have no idea what you are thinking now oo….

So he does it to this girl and i’m right beside her.. BINGO

Ding Ding!!!

I do it too 😁

And then all that I’ve been waiting for “A response” doesn’t come😲

You should have seen the fire crackers going off in my head..”Who sent you”, ” You see your life”,”Maybe he didn’t see you(Is he blind ni)”

I can’t explain how embarrassed i was feeling.

But Sandra never backs down😌

We weren’t acquaintances so i could call out is name..

So i did something to get his attention and asked him why he didn’t reply 😂😂

I saw shock written all over his face..he was like” Wait,You were talking to me??😲”

I felt good we said Hi,Hi’s and it ended there.

Back to square 1.

To me ehn😕he was just arghgg😣

I honestly donno what was pushing me sef..Me that i would have given up on his matter tipe tipe.

But he was and still is Fineeee😣

Remember 😂i had no love intentions involved😌.

After what we call weeks in human calculations but years in mine.

I stole his number from a group i was going to text him oo…But all that kept coming tp my head was “what will you be saying oo:

So this boring night, I texted “GO AND SLEEP”

My dear people this 3 words is what brought us to where we are today ooo.

Now😌 Did i Die??😂

Author’s Note
Now People, Did she die??

😂😂Don’t mind this Sandra of a girl oo..

People,Boys and Girls what ever you want,Don’t stop until you get it😊

It applies to everyphase on life.

Its Friday yo✌
Ileya day😉🐏

In the attitude of the festival🤗don’t forget to Like👍and your wonderful comments are appreciated.

Have a blissful weekend 😊


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