Sandra Series:25 lashes and more..

Sandra Series:25 lashes and more..

It’s Friyaay💃💃
How was the week.
This month is coming to an end.

Lowkey i want school to resume,im getting broke oo😂😂No work,no pocket money.

Anyways let’s leave that aside.

I was on my bed last night,scrolling through the land of savages “Twitter” when i came across a meme.
This meme was talking about how our parents just overlook the things they beat us mercilessly for.

I couldn’t stop laughing😂and its very truee.

I mean my parents don’t even beat my sisters.i feel more like the sacrificial lamb of the family.

While laughing,my eyes caught one scar on my body and memories flooded my bored mind.

I’ll be sharing this sweet memories with you.

First of all I’ll ask,what kind of child were you?? Or are you sef😂
•The mum im going out,and you go
•Mum can i go out??
•Come and Go as you like.

With style i am no 2😊but i have to give at least a months notice and if its urgent a week notice.
Any thing less than that……Typical NO.

Now to my story.

Remember i told you i had an aunt,living with us while i was still very young??

Yes the one from the amala story😂.

When we were still in secondary school.I was in Jss1 she was in Ss1….

We were coming back from school.

And in our school,we have school buses for different destinations.
So we had the luxury of getting a ride from school to our junctions.

How sweet and very easing.
After all the stress of the day.

This day,we decided to hang out with her friends which were my seniors.

Honestly,i donno why i even answered that day.
Like the devil was pushing me.She even asked me if i was sure we could go.

Stupid me i still said yes.

Now we didn’t tell my mum oo.

This was the plan.

My mum was a teacher at a different secondary school very farrr from our house.They were having one of these exams so she was posted to come in the evening.

Now if our calculations were right,she would have left before we came home and my sisters would arrive just about the same time we do.

And if by any chance we were found out to have been home late,there was a back up statement.

“Our bus broke down”(like the normal way it does sha😂)

Little did we know….Kasala ti burst.
This beautiful day😊on our way back from school,our school bus passed the open wings of our junction

When we told the driver to keep on moving,i remember my classmates hailing me and all😂.
They knew the kind of person i was,and that i hardly went out.

You should have seen me…I was feeling the vibes.
In this life may we not have friends that will hail us into trouble oo😂😂

If i had known i would have listened to the small still voice in my head

“Dont go.” He said🙄

We got to her friends house and we talked, laughed.
Funny how i blended well with them even tho i was a very minor junior oo but still…I mean it’s me.

Everything was going on well until…..

Now lemme say this so you’ll get me.
Now my aunt’s name is tokunbo,her friends name is kayinsola.

Now kayinsola’s mum and my mum sha knew each other bakanbakan.

Now where was I


Where Everything scattered.

Kayin’s mum came home to see us,she basically sent us out of the house.

“Your mum has been worried that you are not home,she just called me.”

With speed we fled. Deep down in our minds we thought it had ended there.

But no ooo😭😭our nigerian mothers always go extra extra.

On getting home we had perfected our lies.
To me,i was definitely sure that we were going to get away with this.

And even so,its not like we had done any bad thing before oo

But no,my mum didn’t see it that way.

When we got home
It was hot right from the door.

I remember one step into the house,it was a resounding slap i heard.

My mum asked us why we came late,and we dropped our perfectly furnished lies to the table.

Little did we know,that we had just fueled the burning fire.

It was then we found out that after we left her friends house,she had called to tell her we were at her place.
And you see that our bus breaking down story…she didn’t even believe a word.
She already called our School VP.

Then i knew there was no escaping the beating that was coming.

Now that im telling this,i can still feel the lash pains in my memory like it was yesterday 😣😔😕

With a voice laced with anger,my mum told us to go into the room and undress.
We were left in nothing but underwears.

That day was a nightmare.

She came in boiling,her face was full of anger and dissapiontment.

I felt soo bad riling her up like that.

But the deed was already done and i had to pay consequences.

She asked who was going to come first.
I stepped out.
I remember aunt tokunbo telling me to wait and that she was going to go first.

But shey you see😂😂me under pressure,i don’t always think.

I just wanted everything to end fast.

With the first lash,i knew i wasn’t going to like what i was going to see after.

I took the beating counting all the strokes….i counted to 25 till i lost count.
As much as i tried not to cry,the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing.

I felt so bad.

When she finished with me,i felt she had already lashed out all the anger in her and i was indeed the sacrificial lamb.

She beat aunt tokunbo too,but i was too tired to even know what was going on.

I’m a strong girl ooo but that day i felt soo weak and angry at myself.

After my mum left for work,i went to sleep.

I slept the whole day.when i woke up at night,i took a look at my body and hated the pain i felt.

Ever since that day,i swore never to ever get beaten like that.

But😂😂😂……it is what it is.

Now all the marks i had that day dissapeared except one.

Author’s Note

Thank you soo much for reading this chapter of Sandra 😣❤❤

I love you sooo much.


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Have a beautiful weekend 😗



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