Sandra Series:Àmàlà

Sandra Series:Àmàlà

Happy Monday 🤗
How was your sweet weekend😋
And how did your monday go??

Oh my😊🌼🙈
Thank you
My day was beautiful too😂❤.

Let me re introduce myself😉

Oya clear road oo(The road of your mind)

My name is Sandra 🌼
And i’m the best cook you’d ever come across.

No be hype oo
Ask my people they will tell you.

I mean,a lady that can cook to the extent that even ordinary aroma is able to sweep a man(and some boys 😉)off their feets,to kneel and propose a life time agreement(Marriage)😎.

I mean I’m that good😊.

Besides my Mum,Im the next in line.

Im good at all these our Nigerian delicacies ehn,I’m every mothers dream daughter in law.


But shey you see all those our foreign dishes and delicacies ehn,when I’m through learning


Chef Chi got nothing on me😎.

But now my people,to every successful man,there is always a time of failures and trails

Before a Lion becomes the King of the Jungle, he was once his mothers cub.

Before an Eagle became a fearless bird,he was once an eglet thrown from the mountain and filled with fear of crashing

Before Sandra became this wonderful chef😉,there were series of burnt pans,sloppy foods,angry mum and a sad look.

But one thing for sure is,practice makes perfect and the work of a determined mind results to success😊

(Mehn,i should be one of those speakers that drive people to their goals🤔abi what do you think??..)

All this talk about being good at what were once bad at,brings me to a day.
Let me take you down my memory lane.

To me,i think i’m this girl that has some little issues😂now looking back,im shaking my head at the times i let my immaturity put me in trouble.

Like wait oo,how would you be getting angry because someone is cooking and getting all the fame in the house.when i could also use that time to flex (but then its alright)

I waa 13 at this time and i had an aunty living with us.
And she was always,when mummy wasn’t cooking our meals.
She’s been cooking since i was like 9 years old.
I know right very long.

One thing this day taught me is, to always be humble and to also leave the job for people that can do it.Else you’ll be humiliated

So this wonderful,beautiful evening i made an announcement.
I told everybody that what ever we decided to eat that night,was gonna be cooked by me with no supervision.

I told you before 😂that me as Sandra ehn i just like drama.

You need to see how much i prayed😂.
I wished so hard that it would come out smoothly.
But the you know😉
My wish always comes with an extra large sized smoothie💖

Low And Behold,Àmàlà was dinner.

“It couldn’t be that hard” i told myself

“Very easy something”.

Àmàlà is a local indigenous Nigerian food, native to the Yoruba tribe in the South-western parts of the country. It is made out of yam or cassava flour, or unripe plantain flour.

But the only one I’ve eaten is that made from Yam flour.But you see the rest nope i haven’t

I was soo lucky this day that we had soups and i was just going to make the amala.

Easy right?,so i thought.

I took the biggest pot i could find so it’ll be easy for me to turn and stir

Little did i know that was the beggining.

I brought out the Elubo(yamflour),with omo rogun(turning stick),My main tools.
Then my igbako(lets just say scoop😂)i put vegetable oil around it and put it in a small bowl of cold water.

Now i was ready for the battle around me.

Its show time.

The water was at boiling point,that while opening the pot the steam could make a scar if i wasn’t careful.

Now i was ready to do justice and prove that i could cook.

Ase i dinnor know anything 😂

Thats how i took yam flour and poured,I kept on pouring till i felt satisfied.
Even after i decided to add just a little(a handful).
Then i felt satisfied.

When i started to turn it was soo hard it felt like i was turning a pot of rocks joined together.


My hands began to ache me ehn,i kept on turning the stick wouldn’t even bulge talkless of moving.

The yam flour was much,i had not even started the real work i was already sweating.

The amala became more and more hard to mix and all i was seeing was mixed ones and great lumps of flour.

Like all these wasnt enough

I now made the biggest mistakes😂

While making amala the whole yam flour should have mixed well with water and must have all turned black before adding water or doing any other thing to it.

I had no idea about that.

When you are supposed to add water it should be hot water so definitely i should have taken little out before i started everthing but no ooo i didn’t no shit😂

So what did i do??

When i saw that it was becoming to hard to mix,i followed my instict to put ot back on yhe fire and pour water into it. Mind you cold qater🙄directly from the tap.
And i did .

Gbam,i poured it in😂
At this point in my mind it was like i knew what i was doing😎

I covered it to steam up.

My aunt came around and asked how i was doing.
I told her straight up that i was handling it well.
My head was all high and mighty.

Mehn i could cook.

It was a magical disaster.

When i saw that it was well steamed and the amala seemed well simmered.

I carried my magic wand(turing stick and began to mix)

Low and behold i began to see lumps of yam flour,swimming around the pot of amala like the humps of camels showing in a river.

I was devastated.

I didn’t know what to do,i was beggining to cry.

The amount in the pot was able to feed my whole street.
It wasn’t even smooth,it was watery.

Me that i dinnor know how to cook how will i think of remedy.

One thing in my head was telling me to call my aunt…but haa after all the pride,it’ll na come and shatter.

I couldn’t oo

Another said to pour all the amala away and try all over.That was a no go area,ill be dead before the sunrise cause my mum would find out.

So i kept on mixing and turning like i was expecting one miracle to happen and the amala become smooth and perfect.

But no oo😂it stared back at me with its numerous eyes.

I put it back on the fire and viola it thickened a bit.

Kia(fast fast) i put it on the floor to Famora(that’s what we do to um…mix together well 😁)

Amala that will take like 30mins to make i spent close to an hour and even after everything it was a disaster.

I began to cry out of fraudstration.

My aunt just stepped in.

Beg that i should have begged when my face was still dry and my head was still high and mighty.
I begged in my lowest time.

😂you should have seen the way i pulled her and was promising nonsense things.

Low and behold she took it from me and ADACADABRA under 10 mins i was wowed.

I sha saw her adding yam flour,mixing and turning she didn’t even break one sweat and PAPAPARAAAAA this same amala that had taken all the strength from me came out smooth and very soft but it was MUCH.

Mummy now came to serve our food.

I was soo happy that it came out well but when mummy saw the amala

Hmmm😔i suffered ehn

It was that day i knew that we can warm amala either with microwave or even hot water sef.

I ate amala ehn(the same one oo for 2 days)if not for the Love of God i would have eaten it till it finished.

But we Thank God now😊all these is history now I’m the ogbonge chef😋.Sandra Gbogbo nise✌.


So,who also went through this kind of experience in our early days of cooking 😂.
Sandra Gbogbo nise.

Thank you soo much for joining on this ride😂.Please do not forget to like and drop a comment😍
Thank you soo much
God Bless You


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  1. OMG😄😂, it’ll seem easy when you see your mum doing it but when you want to try your own ehn you’ll know it’s work🤣.

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