Sandra Series:BOYS

Sandra Series:BOYS

How are you guys.
Good I presume.
It’s friday again,the most loved day of the week.
Have a beautiful weekend lovers😍

So,there’s this thing that happened recently and ohmigoshhhhh you really need to hear the story😂

But before I start I need to tell you guys something.

Ever since I was a child I always wished i had an elder brother…
You know for the protection,the fun,the fights and mostly all the experiences that came with it.

As I grew older watching most of my friends talk about their brothers I admired them sooo much.
I wanted one so bad I called my uncle my big brother🙂,but then he was not always around so it didn’t feel like it at all.

So years after years my wanting a brother kind of reduced.


Well,I decided to be the brother for my sister’s in everything.
So they get the feeling I always wanted.

So now this brings me to a very sweet and memorable day.

This day I got to see real elder brothers.
Sit with them and talk to them.
Oh I almost forgot
Eat with them too.

You can’t imagine the feeling that washed over me at that moment.

I wanted elder brothers right there but it wasn’t possible.

I sat with Tegha, watching him get bullied and loved my those cute handsome elder brothers.
Well…they are really cute but not as cute as my Tegha….AHEM☻ you know😂

It was soo funny I must say…But then so lovey dovey too(they musn’t hear this).

On getting home that day I decided,

“okay maybe if I could just have a younger brother maybe that would make it a bit easier and still fun”.

So I was back to square one…my wishing spree.

So somehow deep in my heart I wished for a younger brother(and honestly how that was gonna happen,I had no freaking idea)
But on the surface of my reality,I knew no baby brother was coming.

But I was still wishing…..

But one thing you should never forget is, my wishes come they always come with an extra large sized smoothie 😉

I know you must be wondering,
“what gist does this one have,What is she driving at??”

It’s okay my gist is here.
(sit tight)😉

So on a beautiful Tuesday

Something really wonderful happened.
Don’t go to far,my Mum didn’t give birth oo

You might say my wish was being fuffilled even if it was just for a few hours.
But surprisingly I wished for one but two came.

How surprising is that?(well in my case,not really….Gbogbo nise)

You know I’m still at my parents, during this pandemic and believe me when I say,not being able to have access to social media is hell.

You’d be like a man on his death bed wishing for the day just to end.

It is that bad oooo.

So early that morning I woke up to do my own share of the chores.
Which is basically only cooking,you know the eldest child’s leverage.
Little or no part in the daily house chores.

I take my hand of magic and my magic wand too,Síbí Obè(soup spoon in yoruba)

I mix and stir,add and turn, fry and dance and viola😎
Magic happens! I bring down to the table,our ogbonge Nigerian Jollof rice.

The aroma able to sweep a man off his feets.
To kneel and propose a life time agreement(Marriage)😎

Oh my dear it was that good.

Now the taste nko,heeheeheee it was an heavenly bliss😣

Now lemme continue.

During breakfast while everybody is uncontrollably happy,chewing and sweating.

We hear a knock on the door and it’s BOYS from church, we were babysitting them for the day.

“This should be fun” I told myself,we’d have company…i was so ecstatic.
It felt like the baby brothers I wished for.

Little did I know there’s more to every Apple that’s plucked from the tree.

It was a really fun day I most say,but having that much fun everyday,I’m not all sure I could cope.
It was all going smoothly,until they decided to unleash their inner man.

Ire, the elder brother is just 5 years old while Anu is 2 years old.
I call them the mighty 2…They are cute boys tho you know…stubbornly cute🙃

So after eating we sit around with the boys,My sister’s and I.
We find ourselves playing games and talking,I watched their acts and all their funny ways unfold.
It was magnificent…I was incredulously smiling and having a good morning.

As time began to unfold the day was beginning to run by.
There was no light to watch any movie,no access to the internet,so boredom began to creep in with nothing to do and the boys also asleep.
Before I knew I was walking the streets of dreamland.

Suddenly I felt something hot and wet touch my face.
It felt weird cos i remember I was asleep on the rug na.

Suddenly a shout woke me up.

“Anu!! Stand up!!,Wendy my sister shouted.

Standing up I asked,”Wendy what happened??”

“Anu urinated on the rug”,she said in disgust.

Suddenly she started laughing.

“What?!”I asked confused.

“It’s on your face,boys urine”.

I didn’t let her say anything else,
I dashed into the bathroom only to meet another scene.

Anu was urinating on his brothers face purposely.
The most annoying part was meeting them both laughing at the incident.

In anger,i sent them out and cleaned the whole place up.

I came out angry and pissed.

I saw my sister’s cleaning and spraying the sitting room to quench the stench.

“Boys” i sighed, mentally slapping myself.

Little did we know that the drama was just about to unfold.

Suddenly Ire,the eldest boy went missing.
Calling his name and over and over again.

“Ire??”, no reply..

Then we began to hear grunts,and out of fear we decided to follow it.

Lo and Behold we found the missing boy.
But what our eyes saw next was unexpected.

It is true what they say,to be careful of what we let children see.Because they tend to imitate everything.

Under the dining table chair with a stick across.
The child was exercising.
He was performing pulls ups under the dining table chair..

Can you just imagine that?!!!

After all the tries to get him out of there and sit in a mannered position.
They seemed to be naturally restless,not wanting to sit in a place.
It was becoming all fraudstrating and nerve pulling.

In annoyance I shouted at them to sit.

And then a calm reply came back in the midst of the silence.

“Now you’ve started to shout like my teacher,you know it’s not good for you”, Ire said .

😂😂Egbami…the effontry.

I was dumbfounded and suddenly found myself more calmer than before.

Dinner time came….And spagetthi was on the menu.
My favorite hot,spicy chicken spagetthi cooked by the one and only sandra.
You can’t afford to miss dinner when that’s on the menu.

While cooking the father’s of the mighty two,arrived and somehow I did feel sad.
I would be free from fraudstration but also miss the fun too.

Once dinner was done Mr adeleke proceeded to stand unknowingly to him that dinner was dropping.
Just as he called out to the boys,Anu the spagetthi lover, gave his father the look of

“We are about to eat spagetthi and you’re saying let’s go. If you wanna go,leave ooo but me im taking that spagetthi”

The look was so wierd I remember the whole room cracking up.

At dinner I saw their focus on the food like it was the best thing they’d ever held.
I was proud that they felt that way to my meal.

But disappointed to find out that they are like that at all spagethhi meals.


Dinner ended sooner than expected.
And I found myself seeing the boys off to their father’s car.

That was how how the day with the boys ended.

Now that I’m sitting back writing this,I donno if maybe my wish has already been fuffiledd or I should keep on wishing.

Hey beautiful people 😍
Thank you again for today 😘
Have a sweet weekend and get lot of cuddles😉for the cold weather.

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