Sandra Series:Cramps

Sandra Series:Cramps

Its me Sandra😎
Of course,your one and only💖.
Happy new week💃
How did your day go?
Splendid I’m sure.
Haa,the rain on the shores of 9ja was not too nice o
But my day still went well.



Before i will get over dramatic

Lemme start😂

Once upon a Google time,a very great doctor (but I’ve forgotten the name),said and i quote.

“Menstrual cramps are just as painful as heart attacks”

This man has said it all ooo
In fact there’s no need to add.

One minute silence to respect all girls that go through this trying time every month.
They deserve all the accollades in the world.


If you aren’t one of them,my dear you are so lucky.
So to all the girls out there,always and always help a friend out
To all the guys out there,just incase you are blessed with one of this girls as a sister,girlfriend or wife be nice and caring.

These cramps are worse than a woman in labour.
Labour pain comes for a short while and once the child is out, Piam the pain is forgotten.

But this cramps,hmmmmmmm they scar a girls mind that she fears that time of the month😭😭
Its a long and painful process.

But they always survive.

Now to my story of the day😊.

I was a very young,innocent,calm and sweet girl.
You know the kind with glasses🤓who gave to the world only kindness(maybe i was a little uncalm for a while 😂)it was supposed to give kindness back na.
I was just 11 when my mum said i had become a woman.
Yaaay💃(i wasn’t excited ☹)i had heard stories of all these stories of cramps and they didn’t really sound nice.
I heard but i had never seen anyone experience it.

I wished never to be among the set of ladies.

But as you know😂my wishes come with an extra large sized smoothie😉

I had come home from school one friday with excitement to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

What i didn’t know was that the lady in me had other plans 😂🙃,ones that i wouldn’t be soo happy with.

Getting home i showered, had a change of clothes and was going to take a nap.

Suddenly i started feeling pains in my abdomen.

First off,i thought it was just a slight stomach ache that needed a toilet attention and i’ll be done.
It wasn’t ooo.

I sat on the toilet sit but nothing came.

My stomach started taking many turns and curves.I started to feel more pains than i could take in.
My stomach became so hot on the inside like it was burning.
Then suddenly it would be like i was being tied and the strings of the rope were made tighter at every oppurtunity it got.

It began to relieve me but all of a sudden it came back WORSE.

It was happening,my greatest fear was here.

I decided to take a nap,i tried sleeping but i only ended up tossing and turning in pain and i was even getting angry.

My sisters were looking at me with soo much pity and i remember being showered with care.

The pains got sooo worse ehn,i sat on the toilet seat and i said out this words crying.

“Oh God 😭please take this pain away.Its just too much for me to handle.Please anything you ask of me I’ll do.(At this point it felt like i was dieing)Please just take this pain away.

I said this things in pain and shouts.

I remember my mum saying,”If not that she trusts me and i was her child,she would have said i commited abortion”😂😂😂💔

It was that bad or rather its that bad.

The day those cramps come knocking ehn,the world moves so slowly like the speed of the earth was slowed down.

I was always told that these cramps are caused by sugar.
I still don’t believe ooo,because ever since i was a child i always watched my sugar intake, and we always detoxified with Ewuro(bitterleaf)every two weeks😑.

Aish😂this time isn’t always soo good.
I loose weight,I’m not always able to show off my cooking skills😭☹,Always stuck in bed,me that i like walking about with gragra vibes.

But i always have one companion,MUSIC😉.

Over the years I’ve learnt how to manage with these cramps but mehn,its still as painful as the last time.
Even the pile of drugs don’t seem to help anymore
Pft..what a waste.

Most times i always feel like its a way of me being punished for my wrong doing😂😂.
But even if i go a whole month without a fight or being bad,this punishment still comes knocking🙃.

Let me tell you a secret that works sometimes,if you want the pains to subside,try not to think soo much while lieing down(Its just psychology) its helps😁💖,i guess😁

So for over the years every month,i go through this beautiful time😂 and there’s always more to come but i’m still praying like always that the next month comes with no cramps🌼.

Author’s Note
Hi Guys😍
Thank you for joining Sandra today on another journey through her life.
Sandra has made us see how uneasy and painful cramps has been for some ladies,so
remember to show them love and care during those times.
Hope to see you during the next journey with Sandra.
Make sure to hold your emotion train cause its gonna be a long emotional ride😍
Have a wonderful week ahead💖


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  1. Hmm, almost every girl has a story to tell about cramps. I love this series😘😍💞💝💜.

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