Sandra Series:Love at the 254th sight

Sandra Series:Love at the 254th sight

Hello you😁
How was your Monday??
Good i presume.
Mine was sweeeeet😍😉.
So this is Sandra🙈
I’m sure you know that already but still😂😂

So, i’m this small black girl who believes in love at first sight.

What ever you do never call me small…..

As i was saying, i’m always rooting for those who experience it.

But me, 😂😂hmm.. what is love at first sight.
Every person is a person at the first sight.
But i always wished for one.

As in, I always wanted to say
“when i saw him,i knew it was him”.

But like always my wishes always come with an extra large sized smoothie.

So, i dunno about the you reading this, but i’m a person that loves love and i solely believe in it.

Why?? ,you might ask.
One thing i know for sure is that love is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience and all that matters is when it comes its always to stay.
I know that it might not be all that sweet but still its the best feeling.

But somehow I just never had luck with it.

You know all those numerous crushes,the plenty “l like like you” we’ve said to people.
I just never had that luck at real love.

It was soo bad (laughing) that I knew the girl a particular guy wanted just from looking at him.
And boom I became his dream girl.
But then you already know how all those things end….IN PERFECT SHAMBLES.

I’ve read numerous of fairytale books but I just wanted to feel love, even if it’s for a little while.

I always asked,
How did it feel to be in love?
How would I know its love when it comes knocking?
How would I realise that I’ve indeed fallen??

And all the answers I got were the same.

“I can’t say,but trust me you’ll know it when it comes”.


Jane always spoke about how she felt butterflies.

Gbenga always said,that he always caught his breath just at her sight.

Hadassah described it as magical.

I wanted it too..was that too much to ask ni?

But you know what they say, “sometimes our ever expectant wishes come.
But when they do,we are always caught off guard”.

I told myself countless time, when I was gonna find love it was gonna be fantastic, it was gonna be classy, soo sweet and romantic.

Now I laugh at myself.

It was a beautiful and wonderful saturday morning.
I had woken up with the biggest grin on my face right from bed.

My face was glowing that you could say that i woke up at the right side of the bed and happiness had become my shadow.

I was humming to all my chores, my sisters and i turned our house to the next big show down.
We hit the ceiling with the voices of the mistrels(if you like say im over hyping 😂 wait till you hear it…my dear you will melt😁)

Then we changed course while cooking,vconnecting my phone to the small speaker my dad got for us a few days ago,
We blasted the roof.

From I SWEAR by All 4 one” a very old school music,did i tell you how much we loved those old songs.
Later on, came a repeat of “LIBERIAN GIRL by Micheal Jackson”, “ENDLESS LOVE by Lionel Richie and Diana ross”,”IT WILL RAIN by Bruno mars”

You know about this Bruno mars of a person, can he be counted as an old school artist??
Because koyemi ooo.

Haaaaa and not to forget my mums countless shoutings, telling us to reduce the volume and to be fast with cooking coupled with my dad’s endless giggles seeing her all riled up.

My day was going very smooth.

While eating breakfast…our saturday specials.
We call it “THE COMBO” this comprises of Fresh Bread from Olivia’s bakery and akara, made by yours truly😁 ME.

During Breakfast every body was soo engrossed.
I mean i made the meal na😊what did you expect😁.
The only sounds you could hear was the munching and crunching of mouths.
The hmms..mmmhs of people eating.
Breakfast went sweet like always.

Suddenly i got a text from my bestfriend to meet up for our weekly street adventure by 10.
Then i looked up to check the time and saw it was 9:40.

I knew how my bestfriend hated lateness, always acting like it was a sin.

I mentally told myself to rush breakfast do the dishes and step out.

After all said and done it was 9:55.
“I made it mehn. I was soo gonna rub it on his face” ,I told myself

Running out of the gate i realised i hadn’t brushed….You should have seen the look on my face🤣i was about to cry.

Quickly i gaggled with the remaining pure water(sachet water) i was holding and kept going.

Just so you know😋
I’m a very classy lady😂 this day just caught me off guard ni ooo

On my way to our meeting point,I suddenly heard someone call my name…the voice was deep,familair but somehow foreign to my ears.

“Sandra!!”,He continued
Turning around i saw Saliu.

With excitement i ran to hug him.

Saliu was one of my childhood friends, but he left about 6 years ago to stay with his grandma after his fathers death.
That was the last time i saw him and now in front me was a grown up boy(i never call my friends man😉).

He had grown into a finee young boy,dark and had all his beards right.

“Nice”, I mentally said.

We walked a very long distance and i tried as much as possible to fill him in on the new things in the area and he didn’t do less too.

Told me about all his adventure.
Schooling and how life has been for him.

And as always he didn’t miss the opportunity to tell me that i was short and small……The Efontry.

You see people like him ehn, I’m just tired.

Getting up to Baba Dayo’s house, a very popular wise man in the area, we parted and i continued my journey.

You didn’t think Saliu was the guy, did you??😂
Neh,he is fineeeee ooo, but too Saliu for me😁.

Oh and yeah i was late, you know the head on a platter of steel kind of late??

Exactly that one.

Did i mention i hadn’t showered too??
I was now a complete mess,after running 3 blocks just to get to our spot before someone decided to give the cold shoulder and act like i had commited a grave sin, that needed sacrifice for forgiveness.

I got there ooo,vonly to stand for another 30mins,vyou cant imagine how i was boiling.

I tried calling his number, he didnt pick.
I was so angry and was mentally rehearsing how i was going to tell him my mind once he showed up.

But then, the unexpected happened.

I saw the most handsome guy i had ever seen.
His hair looked so soft.
I could see those water droplets form lines on his face.
Like rivers flowing down a mountain.
His skin seemed so light and was glowing under the sun.
Then he was giving me this million dollar smile.
My heart was dancing and if care wasn’t taken i thought she might pop out.

My brain started screaming “No!!!”
I was screaming too 😂

At that moment i knew i felt it.
I didn’t have butterflies,my breath wasn’t caught,It wasn’t magical.
I was in total shock.

“Nope this isn’t real”, I kept telling myself.
“It had to be because i was sweaty and tired”

I returned the smile which was supposed to be a frown but it came out as a smile.

Even my mouth betrayed me.

I bent my head, just to get a grip of myself

I looked up to see two golden pairs staring at me….I was lost.

Then that voice started.

“Hey Sandra, I’m so sorry….”

Now my stupid hands decided to embarrass me.
My hands were on his face…

“What the hell!!!”, my mind was alarmed but my hands just wouldn’t stay put.

Then I heard a rupture of laughter….”Sandra what are you doing??”

The hairs on my neck stood and suddenly I was drawn out of my head back to reality.

“Nothing Tegha!!” I shouted,walking away.

“Sandra!” he called running after me.

Then i stopped, to give him the piece of my mind.

Turning around he gave a big hug,He was smelling so nice but like flower😂meaning he stole his mums perfume again…

“Im sorry for keeping you waiting”, he said with that annoying smile.

Yes it’s annoying sometimes ☻.

Putting his hand of my neck,we started our saturday walk.
My mind shifting away from the enviroment for a while, i looked at his face.

I found love.
Not in the most romantic way.

But on the streets of the ghetto and in the arms of my best friend Tegha.

Just so you know im really classy 😉.



Author’s Note

Hi Guys 😍❤

I want to say a very big thank you for reading the first chapter of sandra😢😣❤
This really means alot to me.
Thank you soo much for everything.

Im sooo sure Sandra is as excited as i am too😂.

Please don’t forget to vote,drop your comments and share too.

I love you all so much❤❤
Stay Safe
God Bless you🤗



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