Sandra Series:The Baker’s Story

Sandra Series:The Baker's Story

Happy Monday Everyone😉
Its the beggining of the week again.
Ehnehn,i talk say make i tell una something (im working on my pidgin😉)
Don’t always hate mondays ooo.
I mean it’s the begining of a new week.
Don’t sabotage the rest.
Even tho i’m always tired too on Mondays😂

Its a new week make the best of it.
Stay Safe💞


So it’s another day where i bring you gist😂
But before that lemme re-introduce myself.

My name is Sandra and I’m a baker(sheybi that’s what we call ourselves bayii).
The people that make all those beautiful moist delicious cakes we always devour with happiness and eagerness.

Yes, I’m one of those people😊

I’m just too much..I know 😉❤

My mum always told me,”there’s a story to every job,There are the good and bad times, the times of profits and loss.And most importantly times of catastrophic loss.”

Now this brings me to my gistified story.

Last week Wednesday a lady just suddenly popped into my Dm stating she wanted to make a cake…This and this,this and that.
After we agreed on what she wanted.

Loba di oro price oo

I told her to pay 11k for this particular cake she ordered.Mama told me she had only 7k and she needed this badly.
After all the begging and emotional tricks she played on me,and as emotionally nice and sweet i was ooo i told her 9k was the last i could make it go.

She called me to let us meet up..Mama said she wanted to be sure i wasn’t a scam and she wanted to access me.
I understood her perfectly.

When i got there oo,her eyes were saying,”Ehn,shey its this small kinni that wants to help me do cake”

What can i say i was just smiling and saying “yes ma”

After all ooo she sent me 5k to do the cake that i’d collect the balance when i finshed.

That’s when my body started getting hot😂
Not angry hot ooo…like what am i gonna do hot

All my customers always paid everything before hand,so this was my first time dealing with this kind of customer.

After writing and editing,cancelling and reading,every thing i was going to buy came down to 7k5…1k5 as profit wasn’t really a bad idea.Considering how sweet everything was going in the country.

Me that i was na broke😭 i had to borrow money from mumsi to add to the 5k to get all the materails ready.Luckily for me,all the extra extra things i needed for the cake i already had at home.

Now the cake was due to be delivered Saturday morning by 7am…She paid me the 5k 8pm on wednesday night..So i had only Thursday and Friday to get the cake ready.

Thursday i got all the ingredents,mixed the batter so well that my cake would be fluffy.

I prayed that it all went well and it came out nice.

Waking up 6am on Friday morning,i baked my cake.Everything went so smoothly i was soo sure i gat this.

Little did i know.

When my cake was ready I brought it out of the oven.

Piam……. i dashed out of the house cos i had very important unpostponable errands to run.

My calculation was to head back home by 4,get started on designing the cake and have a good night sleep.

Just as i was getting home,mama kept on calling me and asking if i was done.
When i told her i wasn’t she started saying,
“Preserve it well oo”
“It must be beautiful”
“Dont let it burn”
Dont let this,do this.

After i hung up and i went to bring out the cake from the pan i left it while heading out
………………………………………………………………..IT HAD BURNT AND IT EVEN BROKE INTO TWO!!!!!!

I was about to sit down and cry.I asked my mum if it was possible for me to do something.
She told me that yes but the cake wasn’t going to be soo nice if i added the burnt one to it.

So after cutting out the burnt part…i got half of my desired cake height.

Hmmm.. what to do what to do.

The only remedy was to bake again….me that i didnt have cash ooo.

I had spent all the money without even collecting it.

I borrowed 2k from my dad again,to get another set of ingredents that would bake the cake.

I searched high and low oooo. Before i could get them in my estate area…i had to go to a mart.And you na see that mart lasan…i got the ingredients for double the price.

Money for cake..Spent
And I still had 1k gbese to pay.

But my main goal was just to make the cake and hopefully she likes it.

After baking and the cake came out well.
I placed them on each other…I na got a higher height than what was ordered 🙄but that one was gonna be an entire hardwork to cut.So in my heart of heart i let that one go.

As i was about mixing the frost cream at a few minutes to 8…That’s how i found out one more ingredent was missing…The white fat was missing.

Past 8 in the night…i was so close to tears…but its not like me doing cry cry will do anything abi??

I picked up my phone and called the callable.
I found out a shop was still open.

I fled out of the gate…borrowing another 1500 from my dad.

You see my parents ehn😣❤God bless them for me.

People ko easy mehn….i for don die.

I got this fat ooo…as i was about entering the house this mama called me again for the 5th time in 1 hour asking about the cake and all.
I told her i was still on it and i was going to send her a picture before 12.

“I sha want my cake 7am tommorow morning” she cut the call hissing.

I was under pressure and small small anger.

But this had to be beautiful.

Afterall the sweating,help calling,stress…this cake came out well and beautiful😣
Every body was soo happy.

When i sent her the picture….see series of complain…….

Chai whatsaap made me suffer ooo.
I went to bed soo sad,angry and tired.

Friday morning came ooo…when she came to pick up her cake….She was soo excited looking at it(i was like ehn…this one that i thought wouldn’t pay balance cos she didn’t like it)

Ashey whatsaap quality lo kan bad.

Even tho i wasn’t happy or excited anymore cos i spent a longer time feeling bad about the cake and all.
When she even told me that seeing it physically,she liked it.
I just smiled,collected my balance(highly nessecary 😂)and helped her carry it out

Done and Dusted.

This was a catastrophic loss!

See,all the bakers you give jobs too you should tell them a very big thank you when your cake comes out really well.
Because,most times its not as if they don’t know what to do or they aren’t good.
Some times,pressure,a customers constant fear,unexpected issues and so many more affect the baker and his or her result.

Another thing is abeg if you aren’t feeling something or someone don’t do it there.
And i don’t think you would ask someone to do something for you if you aren’t sure will you??

Tegha said”Which one is job you’ll be collecting that you won’t have peace of mind”😂😂😂

So my people….i don’t even know what to say again 🙂but i’m still owing money and i just wanna sleep all my sleepless nights away.

But I’m writing this with anger of still being broke!
Author’s Note
My wonderful,sweet readers💞
Thank you again….i can’t thank you enough ❤

To all the cake lovers😂and orderers.
Ejoor🤣Sandra has said thier story for us all to hear.
Let us be very nice too.

Hopefully,Sandra you will get money soon ehn Biko No vex.


Pleaseeeee don’t forget to hit that like button,drop all your comment and share toooooo.😍


Have a wonderdul night rest 😙😙


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