Sandra Series:The Beach

Sandra Series:The Beach

My peopleeeeee😄
Its Sandra ooo😊
I mean the hot kek Sandra🙂

So another friday is here😍
Is it just me or this week flew so fast.

Anyways,I’m here again to bring you another sweet gist of Lovee😙.

But I’ll be taking you down memory lane.
😉So enjoy the ride.

The perfect date is the one where anything and everything goes wrong,but at the end of it,all you want is to see them again __Dylan O’Brein.

You see this quote??
It brings me to my gist.

One of our sweet dates,wayyy before the lockdown.

He took me to the BEACH!!!!!

I mean Tegha ooo
The Sweet Handsome and very Romantic Tegha.

And with all these,don’t think of seeing him in your dream.

I love you but pls lets not fight😙😙

How much i love the beach.

The salty air,cool breeze that hits your body and opens it up for a natural embrace.
The Sand😣that engulfs your feet in its goldness.
The space that just makes you feel like you own it.
The ocean,as angry as he gets😂, becomes calm reaching the shores
The great sounds that makes you wonder qhat else goes on in the midst of the waters.
My curious head begins to wonder if i can walk around it and get back to my start point.
I begin to ask,what if i see a dolphin?😀.
And just under the great blue sky i loose myself to the wind.

I just love the beach…I can’t wait to go back😊😍.

Where was i??
Oh yeah he took me to the beach😂.

So this Friday he came over to stay at his brothers place in Magoo State.
I attend the University of Aja in Magoo State.
We met up and after all the talk,hugs and what do couples do🙄.

He told me he decided to take me to the beach the next day to hang out before he heads back.

And me ooo i should use it as a day to rest.That I’m looking like dried fish.

Sheybi,he would have just stopped at for us to hang out.
Which one was now Dried Fish.


Anyways😊Saturday came oo.

I ran all the errands for the day very early,because somebody’s 3pm is 3pm or else😂I’ll be nursing a bruised Ego before i get to the beach.

When i got back,I sat down for a whole hour to pick a dress suitable for the beach.

If it was jeans now…easy something.

But it had to be a killer😏i mean the beach isn’t an everyday occasion.

Is it??

After all the the No’s and I don’t think so.

I came up with the perfect match.

A floral wrap dress,long to my knees.It was black with plenty designs of flowers at the hem of the dress.
I accompanied it with a Black Sunglasses,a leather sandal and a hat

Once glance at the mirror,i knew i was perfect for an evening time at the beach.

3pm came no Tegha😂😂i was about undressing and waiting for a call that says plans have changed,when i heard a knock on the door.

Opening it, i met a very sweaty Tegha who still looked hot in his Navy blue shorts,Vintage shirt and Dark sunshades😋.

Okay i was soo excited😂🙈
I didn’t even bother tp ask why he was late.

Getting into the car,i started asking questions about how the evening was going to be and why he didn’t allow me bake Sausage rolls along😭😭(Have you ever tried my sausage rolls..they are to die for😍…If you don’t believe wait till you try it.I bet you’ll never have any other in your life).

All he said was,”You sha like stress.”

Haaa me that i like stress oo,i kept quiet ni straight up.

Long into our journey,he got a call that was abrupt and made him a bit angry.
After his call,the car just stopped.Start ooo car dinnor start😂😂.

“We are trekking”

“Ehn!!” (i wasn’t even sure i heard the statement well,i was in shock)

Tegha got down from the car opened mine and pulled me out.

I still tried telling him that we could reschedule
and all….(Haaaa,The beach was still a 45 mins DRIVE from Magodo,where we were standing not to now imagine walking.we would spend Hoursss)

He didn’t answer ooo

“Would you rather we take public transport and spend the entire night on the road??” That was his reply

I kept on walking with him.

You see this is the problem i have with tall people.
I was running behind him ooo.already breaking sweat after 45 mins walk and the big head at my front was just walking carefree.

I even stooped for a while 😂thats when i knew i was doing myself.
When he realised that i was far behind he only stooped for like 2 seconds.I was na running like a thirsty gazzele.

After reaching up to him,i did one thing i love and he hates😋

I held his head down to my height and we kept on walking.After acting all strong like he could take it he started to tickle me.

A polite begging would have been appreciated but No…it must always be the hard way.

We kept on walking for what im sure was a 100 miles.

Suddenly i started hearing voices

🎵You can love me now
No love me later,cos
Cos i don’t want any fake love 🎵

It was sooo close😣

I stopped and told Tegha,i would only move if i was carried🙄
Before i started my epistle on why?

I saw a very smooth back crouched for me to climb and i did that happily.

Right there i took tonnes of pictures😚.

Approaching our wondeful beach,i was exhausted,but my love for the beach was more powerful✌

So i dinnor fret.

We got there around 5pm and if was gonna be short,i planned to enjoy it to the fullest but my legs ached oo abeg😂😂.

After all the water splashing,we decided to eat on the sand.

He bought two wraps of Suya.
One for each respective person but sheybi there’s more love in sharing??
And most importantly its really nice to feed him na.

Oh i did handle the suya and fed him.

This was the maths; Four pieces into my mouth,One into his🤗

He loves me still ✌

Suddenly,he stood up and said he was coming.

After he left,i saw a young girl selling bracelets and decided to get a pair for us.

When i checked the time,i saw it was 7pm already… i tried calling Tegha but no answer.

After walking to God knows where,i saw him standing beside a very small table hanging from the roof.
With white candles,a bottle of wine,glass cups.
A plate of sea food,and pomno sauce🙈,with plenty plenty ponmooo.

“Took you a while”,Tegha said.

Not like i was expecting this one na.i felt my heart twist and elated.

I was very happy.

As i was about to sit,i wished i wouldn’t just do anything stupid🌝.
But like always✌My wishes always come with an extra large sized smoothie.

I’m not clumsy oo🙄

As i sat down,my hand hit the table and it shook from the chain holding.

The candle fell on the napkins and took fire. Tegha tried stabling the table as i picked out the candles.When i saw it was too hot i decided to save the plates of food,bottle of wine and glass cups.

I then pushed all the candle and napkins and table cloth to the sand.

Phew that was close.

So i thought until it was closer

The hem of my dress was on FIRE!!

I became so scared,my hands were fumbling but i was still acting like i had it under control.

Before i knew it i felt a rush of cold substance run down my leg.

Tegha poured the water and ice cubes from the ice bucket,to quench the fire.

We burst out into laughter as i mumbled my sorry.

We talked, laughed,argued(a constant something😂)and most of all shared smiles.

“I love you”

We had our time…something i miss soo much right now.

Authors note
Please where did you find your prince charming,I’m in need of one too.

Your dates are just😂😂.

Hey guys,tell me what you think about this.

Thank you again for joining SANDRA on this ride.

Stay tuned for the next.

Pls don’t forget to like and drop your comments.

Your response is my daily dose of inspiration🤗❤


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