Sandra Series:The Break Up

Sandra Series:The Break Up

Hi Guys 😍
How are you doing??
It’s Friday💃
Another gateway entrance to the weekend.
Have a splendid one😍

So today🙂,U have gist.
A very hot sizzling one.

But before i will start, Iam fine🙃,i repeat i’m fine.

So…when it comes to relationships,love alone isn’t enough.
You need a cup of trust,drop of romance,a bowl of commitment and an eternal drip of communication😉(these things are very important ooo).

Relationships aren’t sweet everytime😊it has to do with series of rising and failing.

And this brings me to my gist.

So there was this day i went to visit my sweet Tegha 🙈
I was sooo excited and happy.
You know the kind you feel when you are going to see the LOYL😋.

Skipping all my early morning saga, i was stepping out of the house when i used my left foot to hit the floor.


😂😂the next thing that came to my mind was Something bad was going to happen(you see this our Yoruba mentality ehn🙄)
Before anything could crowd my head i shook it off and continued my journey.

I remember wishing for the day to go smoothly and nothing tagged with a Sandra spirit should mistakenly manifest😎.

But like always😂my wishes always come with an extra large sized smoothie😉

Surprisingly my journey to his house was smooth,calm and not one single thing happened.

But you see ehn, my days just decide to be eventful but unlike the rest this one was a bag full of emotional drama.

On getting to the gate of his house,i decided against knocking so i called Tegha.

So as ladies ehn, always sensing things(i think this is the main cause of all our emotional problems,can’t we just pass without sensing what a nod means or a wave 😂.It saves us alot of emotional stress )

He opened the gate and viola,nothing 😂😂no hi,no smile.

If it was you oo what would you have thought??

But like a sweet person,I am i said nothing.

Entering, i said hi to the fineeee😍😉brothers 🤗and sat sha……
I was watching a movie when i realised i had been sitting for 45 mins and no Tegha.
He stood up long ago and hadn’t been back.

Gengen Gengen

Drums roll please

Egbami oo i came to see someone and whats all theses radarada

I was angry but not boiling for a scene 🙄maybe a little bit hurt too.

So i got to his room,he looked up and looked down like no one came in.

At this point i knew something was wrong big time and it was in my best interest to find out.

I bugged him,kept on asking,begged for him to tell me what it was i did.

But he just kept mute.

Whats wrong,you’ve been acting up a bit lately,at first i thought you just had mood swings but now I’m here and its even worse.

What happened to me being the reason you smile,the reason you wanna laugh ehn??.

Tell me whats wrong please,you told me yourself that cmmunication is very important and essential.
Im not a mind reader you know??
I can’t see what’s going on in your head.
Tell me

(Na me be this??😂😂)

After dropping a whole press report on communication in a relationship,i knew he was ready to talk.(long talk about how communication helps)

But what was coming after, I wasn’t prepared for it at all.

After all said and done the only one single thing
I could pick was this line “You argue and talk too much about issues,making your insecurity too much of a deal and i don’t think i can cope,being your bestfriend was way cool but now a relationship?? Its hard”.

Wait oo😂Egbami,what sturvs is this one saying??

Me argueing yes i agree,but insecurity? Bi kwa no(never)

I was never insecure but maybe jealous a bit.
Shey that one is a crime ni??

At this point deep down i felt the devil had possesed Tegha and it was at work. So instead of countering his words i took a single step back and stepped out of the room.

Heading back to the sitting room to continue the movie.

My head was soo lost and all i could just do was ask myself if i did talk and argue alot.
But if i did he never complained not once.

A few hours later,Tegha called my name and said “Sandra it’s almost 3 you should start heading home”

Normal Normal oo,if i go visiting,I don’t leave till like 4:30,5 pm so why was he telling me to leave all of a sudden.

Everyone stared surprised, even me too.

In order to avoid anything i stood up with my normal vibes😉said a very sweet goodbye and went out.

As a normal custom i’m escorted out.
So i had this chance to have a long talk.

Im not the kind of person to leave with all yhe heat and so.

I walked up to talk to him,told him if he really thought i was all that,i was gonna change and moreover he was just complaining so I’ll be better.

Ase, Baba had other things in his mind.

When he looked away,i told him to say everything.

Gbam…He started talking.

And my only offence was he finding out i kissed Sam.

(Ohhh…you donno sam,long story but ill still hit you guys on it.Just for heads up Sam is a friend of a friend who is Tegha’s friend,that i knew longgggg before i met Tegha)

“Okay i admit i did kiss him once but that was like wayyyy before Tegha and i became good friends ” i told him.

It was a thing of the past,so was i still supposed to bring it up ni??

But no he just wouldn’t listen,he started acting all up and i began to feel really bad.

Maybe i should have told him right??
Avoid all the drama??

But that didnt seem right.

It would only be fair if i also got angry at him for kissing all his ex girlfriends right?(Not like sam was my ex tho)

But no ooo he won’t have all of it.

I tried begging him and all but nope he wouldn’t have it

So i decided since we were having this conversation,maybe it was the right time for me to drop things that had been bothering me.

Tegha,is it because of this you don’t even give me a hug anymore??,you don’t even hold my hands when walking,you don’t even give me those flashy smiles or even a wink.

At this point for some reason all my walls were beggining to break and the floods were coming .

Is that why you don’t call me beautiful,or even a sweet kiss on the forehead.
Did that suddenly make me soo repulsive all of a sudden??

With tears brewing im my eyes😢i waited for his reply and it came

“Maybe i don’t just find you attractive anymore🤷‍♂️”

Heiii😂you should have seen my face

Im sure with the way my heart fell,it was louder than the ones the wall of Jericho gave during its fall.

My stream of tears became a silent waterfall.

I was hurt and broken.

To me all this talk of sam wasn’t a great reason to end things.
Maybe indeed he just didn’t find me attractive any more.

I turned around to leave and he held me saying he didn’t mean all he said and he was just angry that i kept the fact about me and sam and his ego was hurt when he found out from someone else.

He’s Ego was Hurt??
Mine was shattered.

He told me he was sorry.
I gave him a smile and left.

The ride home was the most silent one ever,even in the shouting hours of the day

Suddenly i heard a loud noise,with an impact felt on my shoulders, with my eyes closed to turn to where the noise was from.

I heard my name

Wake up oo, Tegha is waiting for you”.

And with that my eyes flew open to see the white boxes of my ceiling and my sister watching me with a weird look.

“Tell him I’m coming”.

With that she left.

How do i tell you that every single thing was just a Dream,A very Bad dream😂😂🌼

Author’s Note
What do you think about what Sandra has told us today??
😂She never seizes to amaze me.

A big thank you for joining SANDRA on this ride today again ❤

Please,Please,Please and Please🙏Dont forget to like and also drop a comment😁😊.
Your support means alot to me

God Bless you 💖


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