Sandra Series:The Corona Effect

Sandra Series:The Corona Effect

Hello People😍
How Have you been, since we last saw😉??
How was the week?
Fine I’m sure🤗
Mine was Sandrafied😂
So…It’s Friday
I wish you a wonderdul weekend ahead😀😄

Staying indoors, shielded away from the world, cuddled up in my room, in my own little world.
Feeling and relishing in the serenity I created for myself.

That was my biggest wish.

Just one day,that wasn’t an holiday oo.

Because, the rest you get during a supposed work day hits different than all those weekends or public holiday.

Do you feel me??

But then to get that, i will need to write letter,beg and still get a deduction from my salary.

Like no ooo, I don’t get.

But as the Sandra i am😌,Its a no begging policy.

I know wishes do come true.
But what we never seem to realise is what they come with.

Mine is always an extra large sized smoothie😉

On this day i would call another day of work March 23.
I woke up from the tiredness of the past day, still chanting my little wish on how I just needed a few days to stay at home.

I work as a temporary secretary at Chrisdolf, a newly opened modelling agency.

And you know na, as per all these our fine fine models.
They are a bunch of Situations.

Like who eats cucumber as breakfast😢.
When there’s rice,yam or even bread and egg ooo if you don’t wanna eat much.

But they always say they want to keep a diet.

It’s all good oo
Not like it’s kuku my bussiness,but i’m the one who helps them look for Fresh Cucumber to be eaten at 8am every morning

Shey you get my plight now??
(Sighs)😑those beautiful ladies ehn.

That’s by the way😀
Now let me continue.

On my way to work,i stood at the junction of my house in trousers and a very big hoodie(you know to cover up all those natural God given curves😌),it was a very cold morning.

I boarded a cab to the office.

As the baba turned in the news, I continued to hear about the dreadful pandemic Covid 19 and how the numbers of deaths were increasing.

It’s a sad news to hear every single morning and night.

But it’s very neccesary,no one wants to miss the update on how our safety was being reduced due to a virus

Listening to the news,little did I know my little wish was coming to pass.

As i was about to ask the nice old man if he could change the station into another one,
I heard the wonderful news caster say,

“It has been approved by the government for a lockdown to hold till further notice”.

All I could do, was shout.

“Its really happening..Yes!!!!!”

The cab driver looked at me with a confused look on his face and i gave him a stupid smile in return

I was soo excited.

I got down from the cab smiling and telling the man to keep the change.

I didn’t miss his words of thanks and numerous prayer points,before waving him off and turning to work.

I walked into my workplace gleefully and all that was in my mind was,i get a week off 💃, rest my stress out, eat to my filling, and hear no orders from the beautiful models😁.

I finished work so happily,did all paper work with absolute patience and care.
Attended to all models with a big grin and a very wide smile

Even Sade, one of my co-worker laughed at me saying, “one week and we are going to get back to normal. This is 9ja.”

Stepping out of work calling my boyfriend Tegha(Oh yeah that😂😂😅…yup he’s my boyfriend..its a longggggg story and I’ll fill you guys on it later 😌 i promise.But one thing you should know is..HE BEGGED ME WELLLLL😌😋).

So i told him, how I was gonna spend the whole week in bed resting and gaining some flesh back.

He laughed at my attitude and said “just take a rest you deserve it.”

As days went by I got all the rest I needed without having to beg for a break and I was satisfied with the colour I got back.

I told myself March 30 here I come…i was gonna walk to work very happy.

I was picking up a new shirt i was planning to wear to work,when i received a call from Sade saying,

“Babe did you hear that our governor has been tested positive and all offices have been asked to shut down till further notice, but the management said with the way things are going it might take a month or two”

“Oh wow”,I replied its all good, I was brewing with sadness,anger and boredom.

“Thank you for calling”. I replied her,then hung up.

Dropping the phone I knew my wish came with something else.

In annoyance I shouted, “I love working,i hate staying idle!!!”

The situation was killing.

But then I told myself,”look at the brightside, you could use this oppurtunity to say HI to people here and there”

So I dressed up and said,

“it won’t hurt going to see my parents and yes i must say, it was the beginning of it all”.

Getting to my parents place the plan was to stay for two days and see other people, nice plan right??

But that wasn’t what they had in plan for me.

Sitting down later that night cozy with my sister’s watching the news.

A headline showed up saying “Due to this pandemic Covid 19, it is advisable for everyone to stick with their loved ones as there will be a total lockdown,restriction of movements as from March 30”.

I was mentally crying.”Now im stuck here idle”.

I picked up my phone that night,calling my boss if she had any job I could do for her over the lockdown.

She told me “Sandra you need this rest take it”.
And with that she said good bye”.

“I knew it…I knew it” I told Tegha, I’m gonna run insane.
After ranting,we decided on what to do.
We decided to start an indoor work out.
Which was a 3 months plan
And read a few books.

Now Today is June 12 and I’m still at my parents place.

About the workout😂,i did it dilligently ooo but the last time, i remember sleeping off while taking a rest and that was 3 weeks ago☻.

I haven’t seen my sweet apartment😢.
I havent gotten a hug from Tegha😭,if you see any couple complaining,
Hmhmmm…don’t say anything oo
I know whats aint nice😕.

My office is yet to open and somehow i miss those pretty dieting models.

I cant wait till all this is over and we get back to our normal lives.

Maybe or maybe not I’m beginning to dread staying indoors.

Author’s Note

Hi Guys 😍❤
How has the whole Covid 19 and Lockdown been treating you??
Better than Sandra’s I hope.
I want to use this opportunity to Thank you guys for joining this ride with Sandra again today.
Hope to see you on the remaining escapades.

Most important of all,If you head out, don’t forget your nosemasks, wash your hands regularly and STAY SAFE❤


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