Sandra Series:The first date

Sandra Series:The first date

How was the first day of the week my beautiful people?
Good i presume🤗
To the rest of the week,
I wish you Good luck😙

So i realised that,in this life ehn
Cheii😂ive read plenty romantic novels.
Shey you now see all those movies ehn,i never miss out.

I’ve filled my head with soo much of Korean dramas and American movies that any imagination like this😂😂nothing happens in 9ja oo.

You know to the extent that i tell my self,

“Omo,your first date has to be classy”
Like…durh me myself im classy 😋

You know the rose,black dress,suit,table for two,romantic music,light laughter,fork and knives,midnight stars,latenight dancing.

All those sweet things😃

Egbami 😂 now that i think of it,i realise i was living a movie.

Don’t get me wrong oo,not that its impossible
Oh possible Bam Bam

But i’m not even 20😃you get me now.
Which NIGERIAN parent will allow a child,i mean an underage child😂to go out in the night on A DATE☻

My first date EVER was with Tegha and it made me realise that no matter how your date goes,how it’s planned,when its with the right person it’ll be perfect.

But Heeeeee my first date was Heeheeehee😂😂

And im totally happy and glad it wasn’t with set awon *I like like you* ☺

I know that somewhere in your mind you’ll say that okay,she talks about him soo much and all,what if they dont end up happily together??

Draw me out of my self,lets face reality.
I totally get you but what ever happens i have no regrets and never will.

But Haaaa🤣…..I will na go to his wedding as bestfriend….Lets not talk too much.

Now to the story of the day.

When Tegha and I finally decided to move from the friendship state,into an official relationship it was easier than i ever could imagine.
It felt different but not all that different.But that different felt good😀

So this night we were on our normal 1 hour call time and we just finished singing verses of Aladdin’s”I WILL SHOW YOU THE WORLD”.
How sweet😍😂

He suddenly became quiet,when i asked him what was wrong he started stammering 😂( my people i’m not one hard nut oo).
Lemme say it the way he did.

“Um…Sandra,so you know that the Christmas holidays are coming up,and everyone has plans to do a thing or two.Go out with friends,eat out(In my head,i couldn’t stop laughing),so i was thinking if we could maybe grab a bite or see the movies.I mean if you want to…i donno like if you want to, i’m just suggesting its okay if you don’t want to, but i want to.What am i saying sef😑”

At this moment i couldn’t hold it any more. I bursted out in laughter and replied “Yes Tegha i’ll go with you to the movies”

Funny ehn😂

So we scheduled our date for a week to Christmas but malaria decided to scatter the party.We na rescheduled for 4 days after new year.

Now this is where my story really begins.So my sweet people buckle up.

As much as i wished for my date to be smooth and cool😎.
Remember,all my wishes come with an extra large sized smoothie 😉

It was finally the day of the date🙈,i mean it was my first so i was soo excited.
I think it was a thursday😂i can’t even remember but it was during the new year holiday☺.

I woke up this day feeling so excited,I had picked what to wear days before😉and i was feeling all gittery inside.

Morning time, on a week day holiday i woke up 8 o’clock ,did all the chores,made breakfast but i couldnt eat.

Excitement yen le gan oo

I had my bathe(yes ooo i didn’t forget to bathe.Told you i was classy😋😌)and was all done by 10.

I left the house early,cos i had to rush to the bank before my date by 12.

I had all of it planned out and i wasn’t gonna be late☺.

But you know,sometimes when you are too excited, never rush. Always take a breath or two.

“When you wanna keep up with someone, always prepare for the Unseen”, Tegha always told me this,but i didn’t understand until this day.

I walked out of my house gleefully till i got to the ATM machine at my junction.
I didn’t have enough cash to take me out so i decided to withdraw.

My people😢when in a hurry,never ever i repeat ever rely on any banks ATM,They will shame you.

I put in my card with the happiness of my heart,and viola…..

Card no gre come out😂😂Heehee.

I began tapping and tapping suddenly a debit alert…i thought i was gonna go insane.

The people at the line kept telling me to calm down,yet they all turned away little by little to another place.

You should have seen me,my pretty face was looking tired😐.
And the Sun,he wasn’t nice ooo

I looked at the time and saw 10:45😂 you couldn’t imagine the look on my face.

Many thoughts crossed my mind.

How about i just stood him up and when he called,I’d say i had an accident.
Or i could say i was throwing up and we should just reschedule.

But no.
I couldn’t just give up due to a mere normal everyday happening issue and i also wasn’t planning to admit that i had issues with my money,now showing up without any.

No way.

As i stood up i heard an alert l,checked my phone.Credit alert of the year.
I began dancing on the road my card came out next.

”Now the day was gonna be good” i told myself.
Little did i know that what life had in stuck for me was more.

After using another ATM I left for the bank.
If my timing was correct I had 45 mins to go before 12o’clock.

It wouldn’t hurt to be a little tiny bit late ba??

While crossing the very big express,suddenly the strap of my purse loosed and fell.

I looked back,tears welled up in my eyes.

Kitun ni gbogbo eleyii bayi

Haaaa😭like it wasn’t all enough,i looked at my purse lay at the middle of the road with cars passing about it.

My 5k purse😭(it’s 2500 actually🙃)

Suddenly a good samaritan bike man, helped me get my bag.i was more than grateful.

I was so elated i couldn’t stop thanking him.

So i decided to take his bike straight from there to the bank.

Low and behold when i saw my bag,the strap has cut
Part 2☹
I began wondering how i was gonna fix it when the bike man said “awon shoemaker lo ma shey”

We began looking for shoemaker about till we found one who surprisingly had a shop.

I was more than grateful to the bike man.

Abeg,sheybi if it is you that all these happened to in a day you will be very calm.

Hmmm😂i wasn’t calm o
I was still rushing about to sha meet the time.

This day ehn,my eyes saw things.

So now there was this very tall gutter in this mans shop,after giving him my bag,i decided to cross over to sit with him ni oo

At least to take rest since everything that happened since morning.

As i carried the first leg😂😂 i didn’t know anything again.

All i heard was;

“Heee..Haaa…Egbe”(9ja people must they shout ni…oga oo)

I didn’t wait for all those women to come,
I stood up (as per im very strong ehn) but my ears heard alot.
They abused my youth ehn😂.

Shey it was their fault ni,sheybi its what happened that led to all this.

My body started shaking.
You know how our body does when we fall or get hit.
You’ll just start doing like you have “giri”(convulsion)

I just started praying for nothing else to happen,then it clicked i was soo excited that i didn’t even say a word of prayer before i left the house.

I wanted to cry but i just couldn’t.
My face wouldn’t be smooth anymore.
I was even drenched in sweat that i couldnt even perceive the perfume i had drowned myself in this morning.

What a day😂

The shoemaker made my bag and was telling me how to treat my leg and i left.

I was still heading to the bank ooo

When i got to the bank😂

I’m sorry if you are a banker but those people like to snub and show power gan.


That fine customer care lady made me sit for over 30mins just to tell me what i came for wasn’t ready.
After 30 mins ooo, shey she couldn’t just tell me once she saw me.

I left in anger and took a bike to the movies.

Did i mention that Tegha called and i missed it all just not to talk to him and cancel just like “awon aye” wanted.

Getting to the movies i rushed up to a bathroom,cleaned up and went to meet tegha.

Did i mention i got there 2:15 😂 so i was late and trust me, he didnt fail to gimme the cold shoulder too.

When i saw Tegha😍he was looking all dashing and cute.If not for the look of annoyance on his face he would have looked very handsome too 😂im just joking he was very handsome.

I walked up gave him a big hug apologising that i woke up late due to my health so i came late.

Ehnn i know i didn’t say what was soo embarrassing and i couldn’t tell him all that happened,we would just head to the hospital straight and then bye bye first date.

At least he gets to read it today with you guys.

At the cinema,i realised our movie was already shown and we still had to wait a few minutes to see our next pick.

Its not like there wasn’t plenty oo but he said he’ll die before he watched a nollywood movie at the cinemas.. Shior☻

We got popcorn,but i couldnt take ice cream😭😭because of my health.
But i remember drinking a whole bottle of cold water.
My body needed it oo.

The adventure of that day lasan,No be seresere.

During the course of the movie,he wrapped his arms around me soo tight and stared at the screen.
I felt so giddy and warm despite the cold breeze of the AC.
Did i tell you he is very romatic😣❤

Quick question why is the cinema always soo cold sef??

My face was on his and i realised my pains weren’t all that much again.
I smiled and kept on watching.
I was happy🤗😄❤

After the movies we walked around, ate and i didnt miss the feeling of happiness i had deep within.

You see why i said it was perfect🤗❤

Just for the tips😂i got home and i crashed with massive body pains with the adventure of the day dieing in my soul till today 😉

For more deeper information on the date..wait till you are older😚

Authors Note

A very big thank you for joining SANDRA on this ride today again😊
So,how was your own first date😂nice and romantic shey??
But if you haven’t had yours, pray you don’t have the bad luck of Sandra on this one,😂💔.

Have a nice week ahead😙
Laugh through it and no matter what happens stay Happy.


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