Sandra Series:The girl who fell flat

Sandra Series:The girl who fell flat

Good monday wonderful people😍😘
Its me..Yes me!!!!!!

(That sounded really nice in my head by the way)😂😂

Welcome to another wonderful and beautiful week.
The year is almost over😑.
So,sit back(but not for long),Replan and Move!!

Happy New Week🍧

I sit back in my very disarranged bedroom that would look very tidy to my sisters.

Listening to toilet that has been leaking for the past few months and we’d always have to run to it every 3 hours cos the large bucket would have been full from the Plum Plum droplets.

Not to imagine the flood we come home to meet after a long day out of the house😭

It was today i realised that even the sound of water droplets are not the same,Yet they come for the same source.
But somehow they seemed to sync.

The thief of a plumber that came to fix our bathroom for the 5th time this year always leaves our toilet with a problem or the other just to one day come back.

9jarians !!!!!!
I just don’t get😭😭😂😂

By the way I’m chewing Clorets(my best Gum since it came out) and counting the ceiling reminiscing on my secondary school days.

The times of Fun,Boredom,Beatings (😂😂oh my my i wasn’t a stubborn student😊but when im beaten😭the pain just leavs for me a sign of remembrance.),The assignments,the noise makers,the crushes,sweet gossips and gist,the fights and the anger.The times of plenty and scarcity(Secondary school brokeness ain’t nice oo)

There are plenty things people.

I’m sure some of you all can remember the experience,some are just in the process and some……you’ll get there.

But all the same Secondary School is a journey of a life 😂


As i sat down i watched a movie of the past play on front of me😉

Don’t worry😂😂it wasn’t the pensive of hogwarts😉.

In Secondary school,there was this average statured girl in secondary school.She wasn’t fat or rather slim,Lets just say she was a little of both.

Her bodice seemed to look like that of a girl that had the tendency to be fat.But her collar bone spoke other wise.

The stress of schooling had brought an adverse effect she lost weight.
That didn’t even make us know what to believe about her stature.

She was always bringing a food bag to school from our SS1 days till SS3,well she’s was a trasnfer student so we only knew her from then.

Her first day in school,she turned a lot of heads…not because she was hot,cute maybe🤗 but because she just seemed different…..weird different😁

People said she seemed so wierd,her eyes shaped like that of a chinese breeded human.
Her weird way of watching the board,like she couldn’t see a damn thing without squinting her eyes.It was later we found out she uses glasses.

When she finally got her uniform😂😂..Everybody,even teachers called her the girl with the ankle shoe.

Wait oooo is it that wierd to see a girl put on a black All Stars to school??

But as weeks turned into terms…Her wierdness and newness was finally forgotten and she was now a student.

2 terms Later

Her laugh was the most heard in the lessson hall.

Mr sobowale,the very hard and strict looking maths teacher.Who had a tongue that could curse and lambast even the evil spirit of any soul that was his victim,was coming to his class late and this left the whole class in a dissaray of fun.

You know that joy that is instilled inside when a teacher is coming late😣..My people the feeling is sweet mehn.

Oya back to my story.

She left the class only to come back holding the hands of a very cute light average🙄height boy.

The boy was named Gabriel,a very sarcastic fellow she had an innocent crush on.

She,being a very romantic person…or rather loved romance(i mean the younger version of it),went to the front of the class and they started dancing,hand in hand.

I could see her not wanting to be soaked in the feeling of bliss it brought along and just act natural as if it was a funny act.

Well at least the whole class bought the whole charade but who was she too fool herself.

All she would have done was too just keep on dancing.

Oh you might wanna know😂There was no music,just a humming in her head.

The kind of Dance???

Oh you people it wasn’t twerking or grinding na😂.

You know those hand in hands dances,with bodies all closed up and the spirit of feelings in the air.

Like in Cinderella??

yes that kind.

When she reaslied it was going on for too long,i saw her shout to a random boy in the class (i can’t remember his name again) to give them some beats.

And with that they began to emit the salsa spirit along with every classmate.

Tired she was as she made her way tp her seat…To watch.

To watch her crush laugh and see his big eyes widen with excitement.

Out of the blues,another blue headed fish took out her m lunch from her hands and ran.

Out of hunger and Anger😂😂She chased and chased and


The ground shook,The floors and walls made a resounding Backup echo to the sudden music.

She fell,Face flat to the ground.
A whole different level of Dirty and the whole class fell dead silent.

“Oh My God Sandra Are you alright??”,

The boy i was chasing said.

I know 😂😂yes it me!!

Curse those damn flats🤧,Of all shoes for mum to have gotten me for a new term…They were flats!!!!

I got up soo fast from the floor,away from all the embarrasment.

I acted like i wasn’t pained or embarrased at my falling.But at that moment all I just wanted was for the floor to open up and jusy swallow me😭😭

You know that feeling of embarrassment 😔I couldn’t look anywhere.

At the moment the door looked more beautiful and the Sun shining outside was soo attracting.

I couldn’t wait to cross to it.

But with each step it was a bigger fall.

My heart broke to pieces…The whole class!!!!!!!

I stepped out of the class without maintaining eye contact and right there i felt the whole class laugh.

And just right after the door..I couldn’t help myself ooo

I joined in the laughter,it eased me a little but i still felt bad for falling.

Shit Happens Doesn’t it??
😂😂But what’s school without one embarrassing time.

I remember my classmates telling me that they liked the way i handled it.

But then 🙄
It is what it is.

Author’s Note
Have a Splendid week people.
Filled with Less Embarrasment 😍



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