Sandra Series:The proposal 2

Sandra Series:The proposal 2

My sweet friends😊
How do you do??
How was the sweet weekend?🤗
Mine was splendid😄

So the first day of the week hunh?
How was it😉😊
Mine was stressing😥

I aplogise for not being able to finish my story last time😁
I had a bit of emergency,Hope you do forgive me🙏

Thank you 😊🤗

So,where was i🤔

oh yeah.

So i stepped out,back into the restaurant to see Tegha on one knee.

He looked up to see me and my eyes caught his gaze.

He was tying his shoelace.

After i sat down and he adjusted himself to his seat,he told me that after i left for the toilet he decided to check out what was making him uncomfortable.

Lo and behold he found a little nail in his shoe.

That’s why i found him that way when i stepped out.

So now lemme continue my gist.

You know those couples right?

The first couple,Mr Tuxedo and Miss Peachy while the Second Couples are Miss Sleek heels and 4 Eyed Man.

Wait oooo

No way😂😂

You taught Tegha was proposing??

Awnnn🙈that’s so sweet of you.
But no he wasn’t proposing 🤗at least not yet🙄.

So now let me continue.

When i got back,we sat and we ordered dessert.
Now my favourite 😍Ice cream.
Vanilla with whipped cream and strawberry 🍧

I was even surprised i got ice cream as dessert cos with the look on Tegha’s face,it spelt one wrong word or move and that ice cream is out.

I donno why he doesn’t like me taking ice cream oo.

So i sat like a baby receiving orders from her dad…such a bully.

I couldn’t hold the excitement any longer,i told him about what i saw and as a man(sorry boy) killjoy that he is😕 he didn’t give me the expected excitement.

Not like i was even surprised ooo….


Way into our dessert i was soo engrossed that i didn’t notice the table cloth had hooked my watch.

So as lifted up my hand Gbam!!

The water in the vase poured all over and on Tegha🙄

Not like i did it on purpose😂😂

The look on his face was soo funny i laughed instead of apologising.

Our table was changed and surprisingly we found ourselves between the two couples.

You know how much,i wished to get the full details of the whole marry me thingy😁

Now my wish was coming true but as you know it comes with an extra large sized smoothie😉.

The same waiter i saw while coming out of the toilet,came up to miss peachy and gave her a paper.
He said in a very sweet voice”Letter for you ma’am”

I kicked Tegha with excitement 😍 it was happening.

This same waiter went down to Miss sleek heels,handed her the letter and said the same thing..

Men,😂he can’t even change the wordings.

I was sooo full of excitement….Not just one,twooooo😄.

As they opened the letter my heart was filled with excitement for them .

Until i heard miss peachy say in a shriek

“Nonso,whats this??”She said, her eyes full of shock.

So Mr Tuxedo’s name is Nonso.

That wasn’t the expression i was hoping,cos i can bet all the ice creams i’ll take in my life that he asked her to marry him.

She’s suppose to be happy na??

Nonso now asked her,”Pelunlmi what’s wrong?”

She’s pelumi.

“I thought this is what we wanted,i though you wanted this??”

As my mind was about to process thier words.

I heard Miss sleek heels say,”Tade,are you sure about this??”

Haha what’s wrong with all these people bayii,if he’s not sure was he gonna ask ni.

Tade now replied as he removed his glasses.

Okay,this is big.

“Sade,you are beautiful woman(of course she is),very sweet and calm but i don’t think we can go in in this relationship.
Im sorry”

Wow….i knew they weren’t on soo good terms but i didn’t expect this.

What shocked me was her response.

“Tade,i know we have hit rock bottom in this relationship and all.I wouldn’t mind us staying as friends but this paper is asking me to Marry you.”


Wait so if Tade was asking Sade to let them break up and she had will you marry me in her hand.

What is with pelumi??

I looked up and that’s when Tegha and I’s eyes locked.
And i saw shock in his eyes.

So this one was doing observation with me and he was acting so uninterested.

Oga ooo now he’ll say i don’t mind my own bussiness.

I was still giving Tegha the eye look that said “See you” when Pelunmi started sobbing and Nonso went on one knee,giving his prepared proposal.

“Pelumi,I’ve thought so hard about this and i decided you are the most beautiful woman ive ever set my eyes on.
My world wouldn’t be so…”

“Then why this Nonso??”pelunmi charged at him

“I thought you loved me??
You didn’t even ask how i felt about this and now you bring this to the table??”

I could feel the way Nonso would have felt.
So uncomfortable and in a pool of shock.

I couldn’t take it anymore when i saw pelumi trying to clean up her tears that had already smeared her makeup.

I stood up to the table of Mr 4 eyed man and Miss sleek heels.

They seemed to have a more friendly atmosphere around them,and more of smiles than blank faces.

When i got up to them,i told them with the best smile i could mutter while pointing to the piece of paper.

“Im so sorry,i have to take this.Hope you dont mind??”

Sade,looked up at me with a face of surprise yet a beautiful smile and replied,

“No problem.”

I took the paper and walked up to Pelumi,

“Im soo sorry dear,you might wanna clean your face up,while you take your real letter.

“I apologise for the mixup”, i said while turning to Nonso.

On my way back,my eyes caught yhe other couples as they gave me a look of ….Ohhh thats why….

Shior….I mentally slapped myself

Wondering how they sat down there ignorant of everything that just happened.

As i was about to sit down oo and watch the sweet proposal go on.

That killjoy of a being Tegha stood up and said we were going.

If looks could kill,he would have been dead already 😐.

The proposal i waited so eagerly for and even worked for i didn’t get to see it.

Only for me to hear that”Ehn,you’ve had enough of drama for a day”

Can you imagine,what kind of person is this one.

We walked out of the restaurant
Rather i walked out angry.

Something in my gut is telling me he made me miss it,so i won’t start bugging him about getting married😂😂…Chicken.

Anyways we got into the car and let us go ooo the car didn’t start😂😂🤣

You see GOD,he always got my back.

He tried starting numerous times yet,the car didn’t even sound “ke” not to talk of starting.

Just as i was about to get down because of the heat,Pelumi knocked on the window signalling for me to come out.

Ohhh,i gladly did🤗

She and Nonso came to tell me how grateful they were😊.

She invited me for her wedding that didn’t even have a date yet😂😂

So now i have her number and lets just say,my observation got me a new friend,an invitation to a wedding and free Aso Ebi.

I mean😏Im good.

Lemme now burst your brain.
Her ring was a diamond ring😣😍it sparkled with her eyes under the sun.

After getting a hug i got back into the car with Tegha.
And just as if on cue😊,the car started.

Tegha now looked at me,”Babe im sorry”

“Apology not accepted Tegha”

“What do you want me to do,anything that will make you forgive me for missing the proposal”

“Well😏when you are going to propose,i want a 44 karat diamong ring”.

If i was fast enough i would have taken the picture of his face and framed it😂

I honestly have no idea how much that costs but if you do my friends please tell me😂😂.

But just for the record,I’m getting engaged with that on my finger😉

Author’s Note

44 karat diamond ring💎
Tegha i wish you good luck😍

Thank you soo much for joining Sandra on this ride today again.
We really appreciate.

Hope to see you on the next adventure 😊
Don’t forget to hit like👍and drop your comments.

Have a great week ahead🤗.



Makson 👣

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