Sandra Series:The proposal

Sandra Series:The proposal

Hey Guysss😊
How was your week?
Great I’m sure.

Oh no don’t tell me
boring ke??😔

Okay i think i know just what you need😁

By the way,
Mine was fun💃
Full of adventure too😁
And very romantic😍❤

Lately it seems like even with this corona,the lock down has been lifted a bit and we all can go out.

Nose masks is now the new slippers😂.The words of a new friend of mine.

But its the best for all of us so lets make sure to be with it always.

I’ve been taking you down memory lane😊well its because of lockdown and i haven’t really been able to go on adventures.

But mehn reliving memories is quite fun and interesting.

Work still hasn’t resumed😢😣and i doubt I’ll be going back soon before i go back to school.

Yeah i might have skipped that part😂.

Lemme quickly do another brief reintroduction.

SANDRA is just so hot…everything about her you cant take it all once😊

I’m a sweet charming girl of between the age 20 to 25(a lady never tells her age,i just helped you sef🙂.so guess to your fill.)

Im a 300 level student in the department of psychology😎in UNIJA(University of Aja).

I know right😉im bad ass.

Before i entered school ehn,my people it wasn’t easy.
Series of heartbreak from Our Nigerian Schools😑
Maybe i should even fill you guys in one of these days😋.

So,my sweet sweet gist.

2 days ago,which was a Wednesday I went out🤗.I left the warm comfort of my parents house and stepped out into the cold breeze laced with news of Corona.

It felt so wierd, yet nice to see the outside world

But something, caught my alarming attention.
People were walking around the streets like corona was a friendly neighbour that only attacked his enemies.

Everywhere crowded,bikes even still carried two passengers even cabs were full to the brim.

It was soo sad.

Anyways this is 9ja what did i expect.

I donno what orientation they need again for senses to align.

My gist oo
Don’t worry, I won’t digress.

I went out🙈 with my hot hunk Tegha😋,I mean this lockdown has done some massive changes to people oo.
But me😂I’m far from the list of them.

Tegha entered the lockdown looking all hot and dashing now he’s out looking hotter and more dashing.
His chest😣looking all so manly(he’s still a boy oo).
Not to forget his hair😶I fell in love all over again🙈.
He now decided to over do it😣He came to my door dressed in a Black Dore Suit and Black Classy Joe Clarks foot wear.
To now top it all,he wore my favourite colour of tie…PURPLE

Whats your best colour??

When he realised what i was wearing, he shouted at me to go change😂

You can’t blame me now,not like he told me it was a romantic lunch date.
Would i have worn jeans ni??

So,i went in to change.

I put on a purple backless,knee length floral dress.
I got it way before the lockdown but never got the chance to put it on.

So here i am😉Slaying in Royalty👑

I got a whole lot of Sweet romantic compliments and long stares from my date🙈

Tegha took me to a nice restaurant😋Macboni’s Kitchen.

Ohhh laalaa romantic shey?

Stepping into this restaurant arm in arm.

What caught my attention was the soft christain music playing in the background.You might even miss the words but it gave the atmosphere a very nice feel.

Looking up i noticed a sign saying “we understand the art and we give the best”

Hmm i was soo eager to try this place out and if it was good to my taste I’ll be coming here more often.

I mean Sandra fun ara e😜

I noticed small glass mirrors at all entrance.i caught my self in one.

Chei emi hot cake😜

I tapped Tegha to see but i noticed he was quite lost in his thoughts.

What’s this one now

We took a table for two and tegha romantically pulls my seat with a boyish grin😂and a nervous smile.

As we took our seats,i asked him if all was good and if he was fine.

He replied me saying “Im here,with you.why wouldnt i be”


This lunch date was gonna be very interesting 🙈❤

Calling the waiter, i realised the restaurant was organizing a buffet for their customers.


You pay 2000 naira and you get to eat anything of your choice.But no takeaways or going out.

Could this day get any better😂i was excited.

As the waiter attended to us i heard a familiar name being called out,


Yup that was me

Turning back i saw Augustus,my childhood friend from primary school.

We both attended Wilton Kiddies.

I was so excited to see him,i gave him a hug(so much for social distancing😂) that well umm earned series of coughs from Tegha like someone that ate pepper…shior jealous Boy🙂.

I introduced them and they seemed to hit off pretty good.

They didn’t even fail to make jest of me and my height.(The effontry😕,i mean whats the problem with all these boys).

Anyways i found out that his Mum owned the restaurant and tada he’s the manager in charge and i still get to pay for my food😩😂.

Augustus left Tegha and I to continue our sweet date😊.
We talked and argued mostly.
We started our course meal with a fruit bowl,with varieties ranging from banana,apricot😝,pineapple,watermelon,grapes,coconut,mango and one other one like this…ive forgotten the name but it was tasteless but very juicy.
Juicy like plenty water in it but no taste.

Is it just me or when a door opens,my neck just automatically turns and without remorse stares at the incoming person like im about to decipher their thoughts.

That’s the same thing that happened when I noticed two different couples walk in.

The first set seemed really in love 😍she clamped unto his arms so bad if i was that hand I’d have died of suffocation😂
But to me the hand seemed just fine and Mr Tuxedo seemed to be enjoying it.

Yes,yes they seemed very romantic too.

Mr Tuxedo dressed in a black velvet suit and Miss Peachy was in a very classy sleeveless silk peach gown,nude heels and a very pretty smile.
And did i mention they looked so very cute together.

I began drooling for those heels amd made a mental note to tell Tegha about it later,so we could check it up and maybe get it on our way back😉.

With the secret corner eyes i had,i saw Tegha readjusting his shirt and shifting.

I began to wonder if this guy was okay.

When Tegha reaslised that Miss Sandra has started with her social observation.

He told the waiter to clear the plates and we had lunch served.

It was my favourite outside dish😚

Ofada rice,with snail and ponmo(cow skin)pepperish sauce….Tegha says its yoruba pepper(what a racist).
With it was grilled croaker fish with a bowl of shrimps,crabs and let’s sha say sea foods.😶

My mind was pulled back so i wasn’t able to access the second couples well but with the way they were sitting,they had some serious falling out and from my table the spirit of tension was hovering thier heads.

Note:This isn’t aproko or busy body im just observing ni oo.

From where i sat i could only see Miss sleek heels,She had this jeans on with very black sleek heels,it waa getting me tripping.
Her top,I couldn’t tell the style but it was black too.
But the 4 Eyed Man on the other hand🤓had a very small occasional grin like he was apologizing ahead and yeah he wore slacks and he had his hair styled in a very nice way.

I wish Tegha hadn’t distracted me i would have seen it well and given full details.

Slow down 😊 Im almost reaching the point of my gist.

Just to be clear ya following this gist well ehn

The first couple,all lovey lovey are Mr Tuxedo and Miss Peachy while the Second Couple with tension hovering them are Miss Sleek heels and 4 Eyed Man.

So sit still
Let the story begin.

Normal Normal,after accessing nothing more to do,so i gave Tegha the dance floor of my mind.

We began eating and the big head dinnor fail to complain about my weird eatinv habits and love for pepper.

Like which one is wierd eating habit again.

Our luch date went soo smoothly i remember laughing so hard….so hard that i stood up to ease myself.

I wish i could remember the lines i would have told you.

On my way from the toilet i saw a very tall lanky waiter holding up a paper that read “Will you marry me” on it.

Somebody was going to propose today💃💃💃💃

Don’t ask me how i saw it oo🙄😐i wasn’t doing Ofofo or Eyesdropping.
Its not my fault I’m short sighted and my beautiful glasses enlarges things for me😋

Looking up i saw a flash of a man in suit step back into the restaurant.

“He must have been the one to drop the paper,i told myself”

Just as i was about to step out,i ran into Mr 4 eyed man, who was also holding another paper.

I was getting confused,is this some kind of proposal centre or there is something i’m not sure about.

One thing i knew was that,something big was gonna happen today and i was soo excited to see.
Today was gonna hot🔥

A pity i didn’t see what that other guy had down in his paper but i couldn’t wait to watch.

I was soo excited,i couldnt wait to see what was gonna happen next.

Stepping out into the restaurant, i came out to see Tegha on one knee.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

Sandra why now😔
Now even me i can’t wait to hear what she has to say next.

Anyways,Thank you for joining SANDRA on this ride today again

Hope to see you on the next adventure.

Don’t forget to like and drop your comments.

God bless you 😍❤


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