Sandra Series:The Struggle

Sandra Series:The Struggle

Hey Guys😋
Happy Monday😍
How was your day??
The House??
I do hope ya faring well and staying safe sha.

You know in life,no matter how much you are dissapointed ehn,always sit back and tell yourself “GOD HAS A PLAN”.

This helps you to recover from hurts and dissapiontments faster.

I know it’ll hurt,its soo sad,very painful.
You’ll be angry,sad,depressed.
The fact that you had all your hopes up only for it to come crashing down.

My mum always told me,dissapiontments will always come.But the way you handle them its what matters.
Most times God uses such dissapiontments as a stepping stone,or a saving Grace.

I remember a few years back,when i just left secondary school.
Girl was hot and bubbling 16.I had my life planned out.
Enter school 16,finish all the years,come put 20/21,young and very ready in life.

I wrote my first Jamb SS3 first term.The whole class was writing,i mean we all had this as our plans.

After all the reading i came out with 245 as my jamb score.
Nice,i was ready to move.
WAEC came sweet something 😂
The days of post utme….I remember vividly my post utme aggregate was 67.

The cut off point then for my course was 51

Tell me what would you think😋

Ohh i was ready,started making lists,telling my sisters how to share the bed and wardrobe when I’m gone.
Started telling stories of how i was gonna live.

But you know all my wishes come with an extra large sized smoothie 😉

Ase😂😂all na imagination.

You know with the way all these our 9ja universities lasan,use to give us stress and wahala.
After all the news of check kinikan,check kinikan.

I wasn’t given admission.

As a child i still had the mentality of hmm if i wasn’t given ehn its okay,let me try again.

But my dad wasn’t a man to just give up easily,he said he was going to find out the main reason and that he did.

For months,my dad made the university his every day stop,trying to get to the right people he could ask.

One night he called me and told me i didn’t get admission beacuse of a wrong subject combination.

As he said everything,i stood so strong,bit my lips,told myself i wasn’t going to break.It was just a phase.

You know it wouldn’t have hurt soo much if maybe me nit passing was the reason i didn’t get it.

But i remember nights,that we borrowed brochures,checked the schools website for the required subjects for the course.
And exactly what i had chosen was what the websites had.

I got to my room😂😂OMO all the strong girl crashed.I held my pillow so tight to my face and cried for 3 straight hours.

All the time,pain,anger,dissapointment i took out everything from my system.

The next day i told my dad i was going to pick the school again😂

Silly me,I Said i wanted them to know i wasn’t a coward(shey won ri temi ro)
But deep down i wanted revenge.

But then,that isn’t all there is to life.

My sisters they felt soo bad😂i can remember the nights they kept on consoling me and telling me it was gonna be fine.

I always gave them the strong face.

But shey you see after that night that i cried i never shed another tear over that admission issue.

At this point in my life😂😂i don’t think any heartbreak can make me cry ever.

1 year to go again.

This year i went to meet a professor of psychology in the university and asked for the confirmed subjects.

After i got them.

I took to my heels with JAMB.
Attended lesson classes, i grew thin,saw less of food,kept late nights,i read as if i was going to die.

The most irritating part was that those wrong subject combinations were still on their websites.

I didn’t want to have the slightest reason not to be picked.
I lost soo much weight,i began to love bigger size of clothes☺.
My collar bone lasan😂😂i remember my sisters calling it the “natural necklace”.

Take a look at my daily routine.

Everyday,I read from 11pm till 5am,I’ll sleep till 8am. From 8am i follow my mum to shop(she needed a helping hand cos my sisters were going to school).By 12 I’m in my way to lesson.I don’t leave lesson till past 6.
I get home 7…Do a few things,assignments.

Then it all goes over again.

Abeg why wont i loose weight.

I did this for a whole 5 months to jamb.

I prayed…Kai…..
I had never prayed this much in my life.

It was during this time that i watched a movie,whereby this lady had a closet for praying and all.

I copied it,writing my desired Jamb Score(300)

Everyday,Night i always came to GOD to help me.

The day of Jamb came😂😂😂i was beggining to feel tension.

Kia i called myself to order.

When i was writing that exam, in all fearness to GOD i told myself already that i was rewriting this exam oo.

I mean,i didn’t know SHIT.

Upon all the questions i solved,i had never seen these types in it.
I wanted to cry.

After everything i kept hopes up and all.
Told everybody it was fine.

When this result came out,i didn’t hear it oo.
I told my dad to allow me sleep and that I’d check it the next day.

When i woke up 😂he didn’t even let me ask.
He told me.

When i heard it tears rolled down my face,my heart became numb and i sat.



God Did It!!!

I was so happy but no relenting.

Post utme came oo

I became thinner,darker,hardly slept,my face looking rough and i was looking emotionally unkept.
At this point if you had seen me you’ll pass and not look my way.

Now I’m wondering how Tegha saw me and he’s saying he liked me…….But then MAFO😋

The day of my post utme ehn😂😂

I woke up very early ooo past 4
I left my house around 6.
For an exam that was starting 9

I knew my way to the university well,so i was safe or so i thought.

I stood at the wrong exam center for over an hour until it was 9😂😂i was na looking for hall about.

Asking questions from oblivious people like me.
I was already sweating,shaking.

I kept on Chanting, “God help me”

When i got the hall,the Baba there was sooo rude(all those lecturers sef)

Just shouting about.
Just because he called my name once and i didn’t hear😐
Shey it was my fault ni??

Exams started.
It was harder than imagined😂
I was sweating under the airconditioned room and rain sef was falling.

Ko nice at all.

Fast forward to after the exam,i bought food ate and slept.
I slept for 3 straight hours.
Films 😂😂 i watched plenty films ehn from series,to blockbusters ,nollyeood sef i dinnor miss it.

I gained weight back✌but it took a longggg whileeeee.

Now im a 300level student in the university of Aja.
You know the most surprising thing,the reason i didn’t get admission was approved the year i wrote another Post Utme and Got admission.

But before i went to school ,i got to learn so many things.
I became more mature,learnt love😋😁.
Built up a greater self esteem.
Grew a bit into the woman i want to be.

So you see🤷‍♀️,who knows the reason why i didn’t get admission.

So out there,if you or you know someone who is having admission issues…don’t give up.

I know its hard,annoying to see your mates climb the ladder of success and it seems like they are all leaving you behind.

My dear,make use of that time for something else while you wait.
You have no idea what God is preparing you for, or saving you from.

Author’s Note
Hey People😚
Seems like today is motivation Monday from Sandra.

I also went through this issues while seeking admission.
But what can i say,there’s always an appointed day for a man.

So don’t loose hope,whether it be admission,bussiness,love or even life.


Thank you soo much for joining Sandra on this ride today again.

Please do not forget to Like and DROP YOUR COMMENTS .

Thank you😍


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