The Beautiful Dumpsite

The Beautiful Dumpsite
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Ironic isn’t it
A dump site is very ugly and unattractive
But ours is beautiful
We’ve become a ridicule a laughing stock of the remaining mankind.
Our home of pride
Their land of refuse

We caused it all
Belittling ourselves,
Underestimating our intelligence,
We sold our self to mind slavery even after our independence.
We cowered where we should have stood.
Swayed our pride because of fear.

Coming with an army
They scared our land
We fell to our kness
They invaded and thats how it all began
Even after they left they stayed
Dropping their every scent on us
like marked wolves.
Never allowed to become our own Man
We became their shadow
and our once beautiful land became a dumpsite
And all i can see is a beautiful dumpsite.



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