The Wedding 2

The Wedding 2

Its Friyay💃
With the cool breeze,i welcome us into beautiful weekend.
This weekend has a lot of beautiful suprises😉
So girdle up and explore😁.

(Sounding like a Yankee😉)

My wonderful beautiful people 😍
How na?

I didn’t finish my gist the last time😣😂
Sorry o biko

It was Tegha that called.

So where was i….
Ehn ehn

When the groom sneezed and said “I dont”

We all thought(lemme speak for myself),I thought boya it was just the sneezing that caused the misyarn ooo

But what scattered my head more,was when he got down from the altar and went to meet his best man.


I wasn’t wearing my glasses😢😣so i couldn’t really see the expression of people faces well.

But even Tegha,crumpled his face in confusion

All this things happened fast (i didn’t sha know what was going on ).

That’s how he collected something and went back to the altar.

He held an handkerchief and cleaned his nose then apologised.

Okay ooo where was all this going.

And then he started.

“I don’t know if i can do this,Pelumi.
But i want to.
I’m not perfect but i’m willing to try for you.
You are beautiful,inside and out.
Your coming to my life has made me the best man people see.
With all my heart,soul and body…From today till forever I love and will love you.

Yes,i take pelunmi as my lawfully wedded wife,in sickness and in health till death do us part.”

Omo…..We all let out breathe that we didn’t even know we were holding.

I mean,which kind kinni is all this one,Romanticness that will first give somebody hypertension.

I mean,let us just go straight to the point.

Wait sef ooo…How will person do wedding just to say No on the wedding day??

Preacher now turned to pelumi and asked her the same question.

My sister said “Yes”,Inbetween tears.

I could feel the way she was feeling…But it was sweet sha.

Then one small very cute boy,walked up with a purple pouch in his hand up to the couples.

He handed it to the priest and gave pelumi the bride, a small kiss on the cheek.

The beautiful pouch had rings on it and they wore them.

Fast forwarddddd.
The church service ended.


The long awaited part of the wedding.

It’s not because of the food ooo🙄,you know you’ll be able to call,press phone and gist sha.

So that’s why.

As we walked into the hall next door for the reception, we dropped our gift on a table labelled. *Gifts*

I remember one time my sister was talking about weddings and she made mention that on her wedding,as the guests begin to arrive those that have gifts would sit on the right while the ones without would take the left😂😂

So if you didn’t bring gifts no souvenier!!!!

A very young lady walked up to us,An usher I’d presume and collected our invites and led us to a table.

When we got to the table,it was a round table,purple and white table cloths,lylac flowers in a glass vase(it na had water in it…. i sat far away from it).we met 2 other people there i guess another couple eating away.

Our table had a purple tag and 14 was written on it with gold glitters.

So that’s why we had 14 on our card.

People!!!!this wedding was fineeeee


Everything looked glassy.

It was doing me like i should get married.
I mean this wedding could make wedding of the year.

As we got eating and talking.

I went for ofada rice….A girls favourite 😚

I found out that the couples we met,The guy, chuka was nonso’s cousin and the girl is his girlfriend.

As we kept on going the party was glowing in itself and i kept looking at all the unnecessary things our dear MC was entertaining us with.

I noticed a few things.

At my right hand side were majority of people wearing the eastern attire,with those red beads,and even beaded crown it felt likethe sitting of royals.
At the left hand side was filled with Ogbonge gele headties chei come and see different styles from bow to steps.They na stepped it with one smoking dry lace.

All my story sha we had to cultures segregated

Ejoor how were the families supposed to mix ooo 🚶‍♀️

But then no be me get wedding🙄

You know what surprised me the most was how a Nigerian wedding took place without 1 single commotion

Or so i thought.

I was deep into my chicken when i heard

“Who do you think you are”,from a woman tieing judge around her chest.She looked old but young at the same time.

“Is it not our son that us marrying your daughter,we are paying for her”.

“Egbami,nigbawo ni omo di aso ti won ra(when did a child become a piece of cloth that people buy??)”,a very dark yoruba woman said clapping her two hands.

Don’t ask me what i was doing ooo…Just minding my bussiness and my chicken..

Their ranting went on and on i thought it wouldn’t stop.

Party had almost crashed,when an old woman called them to silence and drove them out.

As per wedding things,the MC started laughing and he made it seem like it was a drama

Can you imagine😂

I guess it worked tho,cos the tension seemed to be lifted and the party was still on.

After all my research,i found out that the igbo woman was Nonso’s aunty who didn’t have a child so she called Nonso hers. But what caused the beef is that she thinks her husband likes the yoruba woman ever since they saw them having a very wonderful chitchat during the introduction.

😂😂mad ooo and to think that its only movies we’ve only seen all this.

This is new…i mean when i talk about commotion,i was planning to hear…

“Sikira o ti jeun” “Nnamdi needs more meat”…”Meat has finished”

The wedding continued in its sweetness and they called all the single ladies to come out.

I wasn’t even planning to go until Tegha started calling me lazy for not wanting to stand up.

If there is anything i hate in this life😌is being called lazy.

Cos i ain’t

So,i majestically stood up and stayed on the line.

How do i explain… i just stood there for standing sake with the expectation not to catch anything.

On the count of three,pelumi threw her bouquet and voila😁

I didn’t catch it😂😂

I don’t think I’m at the right age YET to get married

It was chioma,the lady that we sat together at the table that caught it.

She was beaming with tears and laughter😂😄 she ran to hug chuka.

You need to see the look of shock on his face.
Tegha and i couldn’t hold in our laughter.

When i asked Tegha what he would do if I had caught it.
He said, “you’ll return it to the bride and say ya coming”

Can you imagine 😂😂

As the wedding was about to end, all couples were asked to dance.

Not the pasuma dance style oo

The lights went dim and it had felt like it was night and under the sky.

Tegha and I, with all other couples including the bride and groom.

Swayed to the soft music of Edsheeran

” I love you ” those sweet words were whispered into my ear leaving my heart floating in the air.

I wonder how my wedding will goooo😣😂😄🤗


Hi guyss😁
I love you plenty 😢😣😍

Thank you for joining SANDRA today.

I wanna go to Wedding😭😭😭

Its friday people😌enjoy ya weekend.

In the spirit of owambe don’t forget to Like,Comment and share😁.

Have a stupendous weekend.


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