The Wedding

The Wedding

Yo people😄
Mo tun ti de.
I come in the glow of the beautiful monday,
To give you the flow of my beautiful weekend🌹.

It’s monday 😉How did yours go??
Enjoy your beautiful week and Stay Safe🌹

I know😣😭 that it has been long i seasoned your hot plate with my delicious stories and gist😢.

Abeg,no vex ehn.

But today😌i promise to make it up to you Big Time😍.

I am still Sandra😉
The Hot Kek😚
Your Number 1🔥

Am i forgiven 😢?

● ●
Now to my story for today☺

You guys Remember Mr Tuxedo and Miss Peachy??

Well, last Saturday they became Mr And Mrs Tuxedo😭
Isn’t that soo sweet😀

And me oo i had hand in the love story..I’m just wonderful abeg😁.

So Pelunmi and I hit off pretty well,i got gists of how things went and even the preparations.

So this beautiful morning i get a ring at my doorstep(still my parents house but abeg let us just act like I’m one big girl😉)

A delivery man,with a package from Nonso and pelunmi.
After i signed it, i went in to loose the box(Kia Kia ni ooo,i mean when a box all pink,comes with the names of your new friends that are about getting married how will you do??)

So i opened the box and saw fine purple lace material…It was soo sparkly.
I was touched,i wasn’t able to attend her traditional wedding and still she gave me the free Aso Ebi.

See good people oo

There was an invitation card tooo.

Money speaking IV ni ooo🤤😲

It was designed to look like the brides wedding dress and the man’s suit(black and white).It was so freaking awesome and creative too.

I opened the letter and it read:

Together with our families,we

Pelumi Adedeji and Nonso Obiaju

Joyfully invite you to our marriage ceremony

Saturday,August 1st ,2020 at 10 am

First City Church,Opposite Enchanted Hospital,Aju area,Mowe,Asa State.

Reception:Same Venue.

Colour of the day:Purple and Champagne Gold.

No 14.

This card permits only 2 people and bring along to the venue.

Hmmm,Nice right…i mean if it was 50 cards they shared,means they only needed 100 people there.

I mean Laye Corona who wants crowd🙄

Anyways,as i was saying,The wedding😁.

Normally,my invite was gonna be Tegha🙄 i needed a ride(you can’t blame me na)

So i called him and told him we had a wedding to attend in 2 days(that day was sha Thursday).

Saturday came ooo since the wedding was at 10,Tegha said he’d pick me by 9 so we could beat the traffic and all unexpected things.

I woke up 5am,no be me go jinx this thing.
I planned to get there as early as possible.

I did a few house chores,which consist roaming about,packing plates scattered about into the sink,using the toilet and checking my phone(what a hetic morning 😥).After that i had my bathe and was done by 7:30.

I had my sister do my make-up(I’m still learning🙂) and i was looking like a bride😣….Omo yii kan fine. I mean Hot kek Sandra.

I walked into my wardrobe,and took out my dress😍,

An off shoulder,floor length fish style,purple in colour with little stones on it.
I accompanied it with mum’s silver purse, dropping earrings a very sleek 4 inches Silver Sandal.

By 8:30 i was done and ready to party😊.

With the small time remaining,i stuffed myself up with cornflakes(abi?? Someone should not go and be hungry inside party)

9:11(yes oo he came late 😂) Tegha knocked on my door.

Mehn breathe taking somebody😣😍 coming to suck all the glow.
He came in a tux😉,white shirt,no tie, opened buttons but what struck my eyes was the Purple and Gold pocketchief.The material was suede and very beautiful.

His chest 😣My pavement is its all muscles(he’s growing which isn’t fair)😐

We left for the wedding oo(after our banter),i mean my mum chased us out.

Why won’t you applogize for lateness ehn??

As we drove into the church compound….

From the entrance,you’d always know how a wedding will go.Or so i thought.

The compound was beautifully decorated,cars(of olowos☺)plenty and sophisticated.

As i stepped out of the car,i saw beautiful ladies dressed in a purple dress all the same and on their head,a gold facilitator coupled with guys in black suit and all with gold pocketchief.

They looked so breathtaking,i mean if they looked this way, the couples were literally gonna blow our minds away.

We walked in Arm in Arm😌😜like the couples that we are,we met a long queue of people with large distant spaces,a short scanner was there to check people.

So no one was gonna need nosemasks….Thank God,i was very worried cos that maks will wipe persons makeup.

After the scanning,we met a big canvas and a pastel with a very tiny brush.

As people came in they wrote wishes for the couples.

This was soo sweet and i felt like i wasn’t in 9ja again oooo.

I mean😂Weddings that I’ve attended we will just enter and get out.
We walked in and sat down in the church all in await of the beautiful bride💐

Where i sat,i noticed a couple of things,

The pastor wasn’t Tall,but aslim man,Suit was nicely curt and he looked like a person of great leadership right from his calm face.

The pulpit was made of pure glass and the decorations seemed cool yet sparkly.

All the bridal train were sitted,so it was bride that remained.

Suddenly,the music started….Tantantantan(you get it rii)

And Pelumi walked in…she was sooo gorgeous.Her gown was so sparkling it almost blinded us.From her hair to her feet she was glowing and i was sooo happy for her.

Her gown was just nice,fitted her curves perfectly,and her smile was the most beautiful i had ever seen😢.

We all stood up as she walked in(why do we do that sef??)

I caught Nonso shedding small tears(it made my heart melt)i jabbed Tegha but he was looking quite uninterested(shior)

I wee see this one to the end 😌

Service started and i was already becoming Sandra.

It was getting to long and Boring 😣(God please forgive me),i couldn’t help but yawn a few times.

Thank God i ate ooo😣
It took me soo hard to fight the urge of laying my head down.

And i couldn’t collect the key to the car to sleep,No one walks about during the service.

I took the available position,My arms around Tegha’s with my head on the shoulder.

But i tried so hard not to drift off.

1 hour is enough na😣

I could see the arms of sleep spread wide to draw me into an embrace, just as i was about to fall in a few words from the pastor brought me out.

“Now for the couples to exchange their vows”

Always liked this part 😣😍 because of the Kiss😄😉😜(I love kissing scenes)

So i sat up and my eyes just did *wooom* i was alert.

So the pastor asked,”Nonso Obiaju,do you take Pelumi Adedeji,to be your lawfully wedded wife.
To love and to cherish,in sickness and in health,till death do you part.”

(It was going smooth oo and it would all end the RECEPTION 💃💃💃💃)

Our sweet groom was about to give us a response.

“I…I..I….don’t” He said sneezing.


The whole church went dead silent.

Author’s Note
My Loves 😣
I’m sooo sorry for not updating😢.
I hope you forgive me.

Eyiii..what has happened bayi😲
And now she dinnor finish 😭😭😭
But anyways😁the good news is,she’s always gonna be back.

Don’t forget to like,vote and drop your comments(you are my daily dose of inspiration)

Have a wonderdul week ahead.
Stay Safe💜

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