The Weescapade

The Weescapade

Its an Exciting Monday
You see that frown you are having ehn
Oya throw it out the door.
A wonderful time to pick that spirit up and MOVE!
Have a great week❤

It’s been a long time growing up😂.
I mean all those times of escapades,times of hide and seek,times of holding back the truths(not lies oo).

And now that I’ve grown(I’ve grown ooo🙄)i sit back and laugh at the wonderfully stupid things i did back then.

Han😣 now that I’m looking at them ehn😂😂😭I’m thinking twice about telling you.
You’ll start looking at me with one kind of eyes now ooo.

But then ive started it so i have to finish it👅

My sweet wonderful people..sit tight and let’s go on a jolly rideeee.

There was this one time,i was six years old and a diva 😄.
Cute,smart,intelligent and sweet.
One thing about me is that i loveeee watchting TV.From Nickelodeon to CN to Animations to American series.At this age i had watched the entire season of prison break.I followed 24 hours till its last season.Even legend of the seeker sef i watched it.

Now tell me didn’t i love movies??😢😣😂

But like we’ve always heard,”Too much of something isn’t good”

😂😂Film and cartoons entered my head ehn.

My mummy still insults me till now 😂

She said everytime I’m watching a movie or cartoon my brain is always suspended.🙄

There was this beautiful Saturday,i remember it like it was just yesterday.




On house 3,Ajoa estate.Sandra’s mum was washing clothes with the machine outside,the weather outside was a bit cold and the sun was shining a little bit.In the parlour a small chocolate beautiful damsel was sitting directly infront of the Television watching Cinderalla.



Surprisingly this wasn’t my first time watching this cartoon.

🎵Cinderelly Cinderally
night and day is cinderelly
Do the washing!!
Do the dishes!!🎵

Oh those days😣😢..i remember always singing along with Jaq😣..

Gus Gus😀🤗

I believe in prince charming.
And shey you can see I’ve found😄

Even as cartoons,cinderella made us realise that relationships weren’t easy .
But when i was watching this😂😂i don’t think that crossed my mind apart from the fact that the evil witch needed to be caught.

Enough of my Cartoon talk now lemme get down to the main main😉

So ehnehn this day ehn,i as watching this cartoon Cinderella.
Take note,i was watching with DVD ooo..We had remote too.

So i was watching this cartoon and then suddenly i felt over pressed.
I had been holding this urine since like God knows when and when i saw that i couldn’t hold it anymore i did something a 6 year old Sandra would do.

I called my younger sister Wendy,i told her to bring me a very big rag.

When she brought it🙃😂😂i laid it down on the beautiful carpet of the dining table.

Our dining table was with our parlour side by side but from there i could watch the TV without interruption.

So as i bent down on the rag,i let out all the liquid that was stored up in my bladder that was making me uncomfortable.

What i didn’t know was that a Water Closet anf bladder hold smore urine than we can imagine😣.

When i finished letting it all out i looked down to the floor and saw a pool of urine😭and the rag didn’t have the ability to carry everything 😔

I na had to start cleaning and packing…the same cartoon i dinnor want to pause…i paused it ooo and just as i finished my mummy entered.

Shangba Fo!!!

When she found out what happened the slap she fest gave me took me to the future and brought me back.

You know the normal punishment na

Kneel down and raise up your hand.


I was grounded from TV for a whole one week😂

I missed my house of anubis series for a whole one week,spongebob..Ben 10😭😭Generator Rex nko😪

But now,I’m here watching netflix😂 to my satisfaction.



Author’s Note
Sandra ooo😂😂😂😂😂

Thank you 🤗 for joining sandra on this weescapade(weewee escapade)😂😁

Pls do not forget to LIKE,COMMENT and SHARE.

Your interaction is my daily dose of inspiration😁😍

Have a beautiful week









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