Im currently eating Ewa Agoyin and Bread(it’s beans😂with some kind of yorubanised pepper).
People this beans is maddd oooo…my mummy 😣😋😍.

Just incase,you need a refreshing new meal…This dish is your go oo.

Right now its doing me like i should not finish it and it’s mad delicious 😣😋.

Tommorow is Saturday💃💃💃it’s good like that. Cook it and enjoy the weekend.

If you do,come back and give me all the juicy gist of all the Ewa ooo😂😂

On Today’s episode of down Sandra’s memorylane.

I bring to you another Hot sizzling gist of what happens to all girls 😉once those chests start to grow flesh😂.

Well will i say it’s then it happens??🤔 but i think that’s the only time joor.

Anyways it sha happens.

I was running an errand for my mum a few days back when i saw a girl standing on the street with one heavy nylon in her hand all smiles and shine

She stood with the nylon in her hand oo😂😂heavy nylon and under the sun and she was listening to all the things this guy was saying.

Sheybi the guys that used to toast us then were at least nice,they’ll help you carry your load.

But this one shock my eye.

This girl was na saying, “I’m sorry i can’t”

Bobo is na telling us, “Do you think I’m lying??”

“I’m serious”

See them 😂

Haa those days.

But this is not my gist ooo😁

When i na got home,i went down the memory lane!

The series of toasters i had lasan 🙈🙆‍♀️😉😣…you know naaaaaa Hot kek Sandra(imagine me shouting in this razz yoruba slang accent 🙄)

I mean 😂i was a bubbling hot nigga😁


But then during those our toasters times….it was mainly in the night that the lurkers came out of their hiding place.

But now come rain come shine…Opoor.

Lemme give you some of mine.

I would also love to hear yours oooo😉you know the way😍

I remember this one time,i think i was just 15 there about.
I was going to church on my own for midweek service.
I na carried bike with one guy like that. That’s how one heavy rain just started out of no where.

The bike man na stopped at a fuel station.

Not up to 5 mins i heard
“Hey beautiful,my name is(i can’t remember)
What’s yours??”

It was the guy that we took bike together

I first of all accessed this guy oo
Haaaa he was wearing one top(designer like that) but it looked a bit big for na made him look like he was lost in it.

He na combined it with one 2 coloured trouser like this and I’m like

oga what’s this??😤

“My name is…(i just said one name like that)”

That’s how hr started😣😭
And i didn’t have anywhere to run,or any excuse to leave.

The rain!!!

And I’m nice😔

That’s how he kept on telling me how he doesn’t have a girlfriend,how he knows im a very good girl,he said im beautiful(one thing i already know but good that he said it)😌 and that we will be good together.

Egbami 😂😂 he was old enough to be married by now.

I endured it all..the stories the talk.

That’s how he asked for my number.

I didn’t want to say a wrong number since it wasn’t as if i was leaving immediately.
I just said i didn’t have a phone.

Oga just started paraing ooo

Why am i lieing,do i know how many people want him and he’s here.

In my mind i was like baba we just met ooo

The most annoying part was that i just kept mute and was looking.

I got so irritated i stepped out in the rain to meet the bike man,paid and as i was about leaving.

The thin legged guy came to meet me with pen and he said,

“Lemme give you my number”

In my head i was like okay ooo

Only for him to want to pull my hand to write on it-😂😂🙅‍♀️
I hissed and left–In the rain!

Can you imagine??


I remember this one time also,i went to fill my gas cylinder and this man behind the cubicle was handsome i admit.Good looking and all but kinni i just admired him once ooo amd since then he looked like every other guy i see on the road.

For the 2 consecutive times i went there he was always behind the desk to answer me.
He’ll drop one joke I’ll just smile.

That’s how when he was supposed to gimme my reciept oo

Instead of 2 slips i met 3..i just over looked it on my way out i saw what was on the 3rd paper.

(His name)
(His number)
Call Me!!


This life ehn😥

There’s this one i remember also.

I was walking one night with wendy,we went to get a few stuffs for mum.

I felt pity for the guy😂😂

We were just about to turn into the close of our house when one guy ran up to us and started.

“Hey good evening,ive been calling you since.”

What i don’t understand is when my name became “eessss” that I’ll be answering…mtcheww.

“Pls can you give me a few minutes?”

As i was about to start my story of “Sorry ,we can’t we need to hurry up”

I just heard,”Pls oo for what??, we need to leave now”

That’s how Wendy grabbed my hand and we left

😂😂it was soo should have seen the shock.

Wendy ooo😉🤣

And series like that like that like that…..but youll notice that sometimes this toasting spree happens allmost all the time and we give them all the shakara of the world.

And some times not a single soul crosses your path and ya like kilosele??

It’s karma ooo

My mum said its seasonal.

Just don’t let the wooing(correct word not toasting😁)of those guys get you.

Some not all🙄 are scam.😂😂

But then…Try to be polite and when were(madness)is needed don’t hesitate to drop it!!😊

My Ewa Agoyin Squad 😂
Awon Eyan Gbogbo Toaster🤣😊

Thank you soo much again for Reading 😢

I love you soo much😣💋

Don’t forget to like and drop your comments(Sandra’s questions need reply😉) and Share too.

Have a wonderdul weekend!

Makson 👣

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