What really is love??

What really is love??

Yo people 😋
It’s Friday Again
The day that opens up the weekend.
My people Enjoy am ooo

Im writing this story to ya’ll with a great feel of pain and high emotion😭

I just said i should taste the small meat i saw while cooking oooo and tasting i did.
Now my tongue is burnt,bland and i can’t even taste anything right now.
But i still ate the meat ooo🙄

So now to my story of today.

How long do you think only love would make a relationship last??
Is all the feelings that come with a relationship worth the risk??
Can love make up for distance??

There are so many more questions i really wanna ask but i think it wouldn’t let my gist have quite a lot of significance😂.

Now lemme take you down an emotional memory lane.

How does it feel to just wake up one morning and then you realise the love of your life would be going metres apart far away from you.
And the only closeness would be when your phones are close to your ears and you can hear the rythym of your heartbeat from over the phone.

But to me it felt like nothing could ever go wrong.We loved each other that was very sure.So what could go wrong.

I remember just like yesterday,i walked Tegha down the airport.The last kisses,the hugs and the promises to call every morning and night.

I was also moving down to school too.

So we both departed physically to new worlds.

1 year felt like a very longggggg time.

He was gonna come back for the christmas holidays.

I was eager😊

Our phone calls went on and on
With the stories of our different lives,gist and many more.

Into school,i started hearing people talk about how they handled their distant relationships and i thought maybe it would work.

I wanted to be the mature person you know,not dropping too many calls,not sounding desperate,and all but inside the depth of my heart i wanted to do all those things.

I wanted to call him,to tell him i miss him,to tell him how much i loved him.

But no oo😂😂i was doing nonsense mature.

He called me one night and complained about how distant i was getting..The few calls and short messages like”take care”.

When i told him i wanted to act all mature and not bother him.

He told me,”I want you to do all that.i wanna see your messages,your angry texts of when i don’t call”.

It was then i realised our communication really mattered now.

He made a best friend and her name was Faidat.

Ohhh she was definition Hot and Spicy.

And there it came….

She was always in our late night conversations

I saw her as someone who was funny,jovial but i couldn’t help being jealous.

He got to spend his days with her but not me.
She got to his his face,i got to see pictures of the day.
She got to hold his hand,the closest i felt was when looking at his face on Skype.

It was so hard but i juat had a bit of jealousy when i saw her picture.

In this life no matter what,some people will still come and poison your mind..whether out of spite or just ignorance.

But what determines is how you respond to it.

But let’s just say when a bad advice meets a mind that has haboured bad ideas,it’s soo hard for saneness to show.

But this was just the beggining.

When i talked to Adanna about Tegha and I, i mentioned his new friend Faidat.She started giving me different ideas on how naive i was and that he has forgotten me and that with time everything was soon going to end.

And that it’ll be better if i was at the breaking end than receiving end(Haaa when she said this my head first went hot)

How far na

I pray that any advice that will destroy you shall not come your way oooo.

As if it wasn’t okay,i watched a movie and just what Adanna said was what was showing.

My dear people it felt like i was gonna faint.

For days i kept calling…and he was either busy,out with his friends and her.

Our calls were always cut short and i would find myself sitting in anger cos i hated how i felt.

Throughout the month of September till December 4 i received no calls and when i called i was always taken straight to voicemail.

You can imagine how i felt..miserable and angry.

So i told myself if this is how it was gonna be,i guess I’d just get what’s coming.

Dec 15 was the day Tegha was supposed to come back. I got a call that morning from Tegha’s brother that we were gonna get him at the airport.

It first took me like shock.

Getting to the airport,i recognised him from a distance and his smile melted my heart.His eyes glowed more than normal.
He had changed,He got taller,lighter and more handsome.

But what i didn’t expect was the light skinned girl i saw at his side.

They were both engrossed in what ever they were laughing at that he didn’t even see me.

My heart started beating fast and i was getting so angry i could feel tears coming up.

When Tegha got to us,he me carried me up gave me a big hug with a big kiss on my cheek…my heart fluttered for a little while but then i couldn’t help the anger i was feeling.

I was introduced to faidat..she had a very soft voice and an accent.

On our way back,i lied that i had an errand to run so i dropped halfway went home to cry my heart out.

Days into days,our connection kept dropping despite how close we were and then i told myself deep down i was out of the picture.

One evening i got a ring on the bell of my parents house and i was told i had a visitor.

It was Tegha.

There was this tension when we stood face to face and even when my mum left it became worse.

I walked into my room and he followed.

It was so hot,i shouted,i cried,i accused i was broken and even after all what came wasn’t what i expected.

“I’m so sorry babe.I had no idea i made you feel this way.I haven’t had my phone since september till now cos it got stolen and i was just gonna get one on Christmas”

“And Faidat??”

Faidat she’s just a friend now😢,She came to see her husband here in Nigeriathere’s nothing between us”.

I felt soo stupid and angry at myself.

But that was in the past and look at where we are now.

Trust .

This are the core values for a relationship.

Doesn’t mean other things didn’t happen but it’s just that at those times one of was able to stay calm and understand the other.

If you like say i’m the one who isn’t always calm.

All the best o😂😂

So now to answer my question What really is love.

Love is What Tegha and Sandra Have.
The ability to withstand anything despite everthing.

Author’s Note

At this point i don’t even know what to say.

Relationships aren’t all so easy to handle.
But sometimes a little calm head can solve a raging anger.

Have a beautiful weekend.



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