What’s that smell??

What's that smell??

Happy Monday People😍
Its the beggining of a beautiful week again😌
Own it!
Enjoy it!
Relish it!
Be it!
Stay Safe🤗
Stay Jiggy😉

My beautiful people😍😍😍

If by chance you are just stumbling on this.
My name is Sandra 😄
Your No 1 hot kek😉
One love people ❤

So, i heard that WAEC exams started today.
My wishes to everyone out there writing this exam and still reading this😉
Good Luck😋

So when i heard this news,it took me back to the days of my younger youth.
But it was one memory that resurfaced more.

So,buckle up people…I’ll be taking you down the memory lane.
Hold on tight!!!

A few(plenty) years back when every SS3 student was taking GCE exams.
When we hoped that with our GCE,we could get into the university with our Jamb.

And our WAEC would just be a bonus.
But then i think it was just a trail test for some of us to know how important reading really is(even tho we still don’t)

Now this GCE,im very sure you are aware.
Is just like WAEC but it was for students outside school or people who needed to make up their results.

All participants of this exam,are always taken to public schools to write them. Due to the fact that all those public schools are big enough to contain us.

I was posted at Oliveth Grammar School.This school is like 45mins drive from my house.Well…..3 cabs and one bike from my house to get there.

Now my specific topic for the day.

There was this weekend(Saturday to be precise).Yes we always had exams on saturday.

This day i had English Language from 10 am to 4pm.

The previous day

My mum travelled,leaving me and my aunty(that one from amala) alone at home.

So having the whole house to ourselves we decided to treats ourselves😀😄

We made one and a half pack of spagetthi for just us two with our favourite stew.

Yoruba stew.

Garnished with egg and meat.

(I mean if mummy is at home you will pick one)

Geez it was pepperish like maddddd.

We couldn’t even finish it and i was even watching this korean series Bride of the Water god……And i still had exam oooo but sheybi it was English😂.

When i woke up the next day,i woke up with a bloated stomach.
It was soo full of gas,i was soo uncomfortable.

I had Constipation.

All because i want to eat spagetthi😣😭😭😭

Present Day

I took off to school for my exam.

I was feeling as if i could just sit in a toilet all day😭😭

See where food got me too.

Hmm getting to the centre,my friends sha saw that i was soo calm(pls oo why won’t i be calm)

I felt like crying join.

The first part of the exam came and if felt like my stomach had turned into a stadium,where players had decided to dribble cut and even scored a goal.

You need to have heard all the rambling and turning my stomach kept on doing😭😲.

During this first exam that lasted hours…i felt my leg lift up to a side and i let out one disturbing fart.

The first one


I felt relief at least for a little period of time.

That’s how one girl just shouted,

“What’s that smell??”

Egbami😂😂how did she expect somebody to answer.

In a class of over 300 students🙆‍♀️

But then,i was just like a blessing in disguise.
The fart sent the invigilators to the front leaving them alone to cheat away.

Just as we left the hall and the exam ended.

I told a few of my friends that i wanted to ease myself.
As we scouted for the Toilet


It was Badd!!!
Bad as in Totally Bad.

At the sight of it.
My stomach cleared up straight.

We left ooo to go back and read.

As if the devil sha wanted me to embarrass myself in public.

I became hungry😂😂and i wad na craving puff puff.

Thank God for common sense ooo

I fought it soo hard.

We had 1 hour left before our exams started.How i survived the first 30 mins was soo astonishing to me.

Then suddenly from no where this thunder rumbling stomach just started…
If it was just the stomach it would have been better.

Just there i knew

I needed a TOILET!!!!

I wanted to cry,no toilet,nothing i could do.

Just then one thing thing popped into my head.

Going to my house was quite not an option cos i doubted my aunty would be around and i had no spare key.

So a restaurant would be good.

I wasn’t sure if a restaurants would just let you walk in to a toilet and walk out.

In this heated moment is when i was doing my findings.

But i knew any moment from now it was gonna go down and i couldn’t let that happen.

I took a straight bike to the nearest restaurant(Mr Biggs)

When i got to the door,i shouted at the man,

Pls the Toilet!!

He just pointed and i ran.

When i got there😭😭😭it was like a safe haven.
But geez😜the smell was soo horrible ehn😷

I was soo ashamed i didn’t want to step out.

After cleaning up,i walked out looking like one rabbit

The funniest thing was that the man kept on smiling as i left😂😂🙈

I had less than 15 mins to get back.

Thank God for African Time,they hadn’t started when i got back


That’s how i continued my exam with little turns here and there and dropping little gasses in the air.

Thank God for God that the day didn’t go how i had written in my English exam essay on “My most embarrassing day”


What shall i say??
This one na ogbonge error

Thank you for joining SANDRA today😊😋

Don’t forget to vote,comment and share too😣

Have a wonderful weekend


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