My story through it all

My story through it all

I could hear the beautiful tunes of birds, the gliding movement of trees delighted by the soft swirl of breeze; for this is the morning call. So I rose from bed with a distinct kind of grace to watch the emergence of the lofty golden rays bathing the earth with its brilliance as the hint of darkness left from the night dispatch. And yes!!! The beautiful serenades of my ambience greeted me such that my body was inspired to bear its soul and spirit to receive the precious gift of nature and with this; I began my day with my usual routine. Before I launch fully into the chronicle of what the day is going to manifest, I decided it was time to treat myself to a long walk. Shoveling me into the right apparel, off I hit the road with the aim of pondering over my journey so far because this day marks exactly 5 years of sobriety. Imagine that!!! I never thought I could ever come this far.
For a long time now, I have been doing a check and balance on myself on how intentional I could be when I finally decide to dive into the chaos that had permeated my life and pulled out moments that could have been the best yet in my life into the limelight of drugs, alcohol, women and varying social vices that comes with fame and money. With the current state of things in my life, I can’t boldly say I am free from all the demons that had taken hold of my essence through enslavement of years of my life through adversity and self destruction. Although, I had to continually learn and relearn how to shut down the voices of my vices by constantly moving in and out of the rehabilitation centres for years until every part of me was no longer numb to the call of reformation.
Like I said before now, I am yet to combat all my vices but the achievement I have made so far is tremendous and this had initiated a call to speak at an event “the annual breed of the young and talented”. With this invitation, I knew a new chapter is about to unfold in my life. A chapter to own, uphold and share my own story in hope of inspiring others that even in midst of hitting it high with instant fame and wealth, one can surely chose to avoid vices that could wreck one’s life if caution isn’t taken. For this reason, I decided it is high time I started making a change with my very own story
Oh my God!!! Finally, the day is here. I dressed up in the only black suite, left for me which grip so tightly unto my body clearly stating the obvious. I took the needed and headed to the venue in my old rusty car whose body part couldn’t be better than a compacted metal case. At the venue, I realized how long I had been gone because no one could recognized me for I have allowed myself to be swept up by the sensational exuberance that comes with fame and unpredicted wealth. Guess what, I had paid my dues by losing its all until this day, but I am choosing to rewrite my very own history starting from the moment I set my foot into this mind blowing hall holding in capacity about five thousand youth from all walks of life. My game is about to change, I knew it the instance it began.
The program kick started with the host of the event assuming duty by introducing herself after whom the opening prayer was said and the nation was paid homage to by singing its anthem. After the opening prayer and the national anthem, the host called on the representative of the organizers who then stood at the podium for about thirty minutes graciously preaching the gospel of what the event is all about and later came the introduction of dignitaries, Guru’s of the music industry and speakers. The event dutifully began as each speaker took turn in addressing the topic with different PowerPoint presentations.
Finally it was my turn, I was reintroduced as a onetime top flourishing musician in the country and at that moment, I saw how lost many people were because only few people could relate to me being a onetime top flourishing musician. So I walked to the podium with all I have got and I said to the crowd, I have got no PowerPoint to present but here I am to tell my very own story to the world because today marks the beginning of a new dawn. I came from nothing to the verge of success only to be consumed by bouts of temptation because I couldn’t resist, I ended up with nothing to show for years of hard work and perseverance. I lavished away lots and lots of money in my quest to attain the status of an ideal celebrity. Drugs became the very food I invested so much in; Alcohol gradually gains momentum in my life that I can’t imagine myself without it, women became the very yard stick of measurement of how much I knew how to merry around, I partied away so many days of my life with people I thought were friends only to be slammed with various lawsuits accusation of various harassment that I knew not how it happened or when it happened maybe because I was always high on one thing or another. That was the life I lived until my best friend lost his life to cocaine overdose then and then I realized that it is either I choose to live by overcoming my various addictions or I continue on the path I am on and end up just like my best friend.
I began to revive myself but it took me a longer time than I could ever imagine letting go of my vices but here I am standing before you all because I chose to live and thrive in a season where I had nothing to live for. With this, I implore everyone listening to my story to choose living with purpose over the bouts of temptation that comes with fame and wealth.

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