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” If you want to die, why not go to your family’s house and die. Mogami”, A voice yelled at me from a car.
“I’m sorry”, I simply said as I moved quietly away from the car.

I couldn’t count the number of times I have been applying for jobs in different companies in this country with the hope of getting employed aftermath but the revision of my prediction was always the case. This company was even kind enough to have invited me for an interview. I felt relieved when the interviewer showed his amusement about my qualification, I thought good news would come out from him but he ended up the conversation with something quite heartbreaking.

“You have excellent qualifications but I’m sorry to inform you that we can’t employ you this time “. He simply said.
“Where is the connotation in his expression”, I thought.
An excellent qualification that could fetch me a job. He should have rather said that I have bad qualifications, but first-class honor in BSc degree with a lot of intellectual skills no be beans but how come they never fetch me a job after five years of graduation. I don’t know how I would face my parents at home again with no appointment letter. Disrespectful twenty-seven years ago grown man still depends on his parents. I was lost in my thought till the hoking of a car that almost hit me and a voice yelling bought me back alive.

Just as I moved a bit away from the car, a hand from the car waved to me. I moved closer to the car again to answer the waving. Before I could get closer, the driver of the car got out of it. I instantly recognized the driver to be my old coursemate at the University of Ilorin, Tunde. He looked dope and wealthy, as far as I was concerned the shirt he put was worth nothing less than twenty-five of naira. The memory of my University days flashed in my head, I remembered I helped this Tunde write three papers in our exam and he graduated with third class.” How come he is living a luxurious life already and I haven’t “, I thought.

” Bobo Yi, what up,” He called as he moved toward me with a beautiful smile on his face to handshake me – of course, there is nothing worth smiling for in my life, even seeing an old school friend couldn’t put a genuine smile on my face. Life is too hard and time isn’t good fl for me. I faked a smile to make him feel welcome. You shouldn’t wear your pain as a garment always, they say. He offered to give me a ride wherever I would be going and before then asked me if I wasn’t too busy for a date, “we need to talk”, he said with a bored smile. What would be keeping an unemployed fellow like me busy, by the way?

We settled down at a nearby restaurant along the street. Like he have read that I was badly hungry, we ordered a meal for me and himself. We talked. We talked about after-school challenges. Did I say challenges? Of course, the challenges were just for me, because Tunde wasn’t in my shoes. He had many employments offer even before he finished his Nigeria youth service corp and right now he is working with one of the biggest company in town.
” Imagine that small company offered me employment,” he said amid the conversation while he shared his work experience.
Little did he know that my life would have been better if I had the chance to be employed by the Company, he tagged small.

Now, I understand better what my Sociology lecturer at the University, meant by ascribed and achieved status. I vividly remember that he added during the lecture that ascribed status has a long way to determine the position an individual held or would hold in society. I shouldn’t be amused by Tunde’s achievements, after all his father was a former commissioner in the state while his mother was a successful and famous businesswoman. They had all it takes to earn their child good and high-paying employment. What is the case of me, a child of a local Carpenter and a poor market trader? Despite having high qualifications to earn me a job than Tunde, what is my story now? This world can only be better if a child of nobody becomes somebody without the help of anybody.

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