Imagine you vowed never to love again because someone you once loved dumped you and left your heart broken.
Then, he came with a flag to love you and take you to another beautiful dimension of love. He proved himself to be different from the other guys, he promised you heaven on earth. He promised to take you to a land where love never dies. Furthermore, he convinced you that love still exist. He promised to show you his endless love, if only you can give him a chance.

Out of pity, you fell in love with him. You believed you both need love to grow.

You started the journey of love in an awesome way, and you wished it would not end in tears. You were so proud to have him, super excited to fall in love again. He showered his endless affection and care, and you reciprocated.

At a point, the journey seemed too rough and tough. You both smelt you had reached an end, but not strong enough to accept it.

He believed you deserve the best, but not sure if he can give you the best. Your willingness to make him the best for you kept the relationship moving, but it seemed like you were forcing things to work out.

“ Let’s go back to the feelings.”
That is the only song you echoed to his ear.

He requested a space to think, and you granted his wish. He pleaded with you to give him time, to wait for him and not rush into any another relationship and because you love him, you accepted all his terms and conditions.

Time ticked, then he came back. You were delighted because you thought you had got your love back.

Not until, when you were left alone to carry the burden of two people. When you feel not to be satisfied even when you have something to satisfy you. When you stretch your hand, hoping to see him grab it, but he is nowhere to be found.
When you hear that your man had found the one he had been looking for and that wasn’t YOU.

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