Right from the inception of this world, we have the rich and poor living in any society.To me the reason is for both the poor and the rich to complement each other.

Nigeria recorded the first COVID-19 towards the end of February 2020. Since then the cases has progressively increased up to the present state. The federal government has lockdown the country going to 5 weeks now. Nigeria and most countries have witness a tough period during the lockdown. The economy is experiencing a tough time and a lot are complaining.

We are witnessing a tough state which is a state of opposite direction. What is this state? The poor are fearless of COVID-19 while the rich never want to die.

The poor are a less concerned that, they believe that COVID-19 is the disease of the rich. Majority of them rejoice because they feel these is their reward for failing the states. The poor are less concerned about the present situation. We leave in an opposite sense of direction because the poor don’t even understand what COVID-19 is all about. 

The poor complain of hunger while the rich have the fear of contracting the virus. The poor complain the hunger kill faster than COVID-19 while the rich are not safe. They don’t even understand what COVID-19 is all about. What should we do now in this present state of an opposite state?

To me I think the rich and government should ease the burden of the poor and enlighten them to reduce the burden of the poor. This is the help to reduce the spread of the disease with the poor can yield to laws of the state. With this the poor will not have the mindset if COVID-19 will kill them they are ok with that instead of death from Hunger.

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