Our present status doesn’t determine what we will be tomorrow. I remember some years back today. Life was so tough that I was in my world. Should I say I was depressed or bored?

What happened?

I was depressed and also bored. I was the only one who was in the house apart from my parents. Life was too tough, my phone wasn’t ringing again, nobody to ask after me, no WhatsApp chat and messages. I looked at myself is this how life was? I was always optimistic.

My lost phone.

Out of boredom I left house and went out to see if I could get a volunteer work to do. I was optimistic that I would get it. I heard an unfamiliar story when I got there. I was so disappointed that my service was not needed even to volunteer that I would collect any Kobo. It did it on me that unemployment is real. I left the place with the mindset of travelling because I needed to see someone. They stole my phone while going to the motor pack. It became a double tragedy. That day marked one of my one of my saddest day on the earth. What really saved me was that I knew the number of the person where I was going offhand.

My situation after returning from the journey.

I realized my boredom would increase. I was so sad because it was my only companion was my phone. After some days someone bought a phone for me. That change the story of my life.

How I came out of boredom?

I told myself that I couldn’t continue like this that I needed to develop myself. I started reading historian books, engaged in online programs and believing in myself. This assisted to belong to some networks today. When you believe in yourself and always have it in mind you are born to triumph even you are the facing the hard aspect of life.

Being bored and positive about it can catapult your life. Use it wisely 

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