Promise has been a thing of time immemorial. It cut across all areas are of life. God promises also mankind certain things. If you obey God, he also promises you be with you. Promise also exist among mankind. They fulfil some promises while some aren’t.

Ade is dark in complexion man, tall with body fitness, his beard is black which flows around his chin. Tolu is a fair complexion lady average height with an average weight. Both of them met at a night class on campus. Ade noticed her entering the class, He had a divided attention.  He waited until she was about to leave. He started a talk with her, their faculty were so close. This journey of love started.

Two weeks after they met, Ade asked her out on a date. They dressed both of them and the date was at a cafeteria on campus. The journey of their relationship started. Tolu couldn’t sleep very well that night after the date. Ade was so happy that Tolu accepted her proposal. Tolu was in his last year while Tolu was in 200L for a 4year course. Their love had grown so much that after 3months most of their friends knew they their relationship will lead to marriage.

Ade love was her so much that he often pampered her. When Ade had introduced her to his mother when he was preparing for his last year project defence. Tolu had also introduced him to her mother. They posted Ade to Delta state while Tolu visit him where he was serving. Their love had grown so much now Ade introduce her to his corp members as his wife to be. Tolu was carried away by this euphoria that she had said no to others proposal.

Ade got a scholarship towards the end of his service year for his master in UK. Ade was 30years then while Tolu was 28 years. Ade promised her by the time he finishes his 2 years master program Tolu would had finished her NYSC by then so he would come to Nigeria to move her to UK. although they are far apart their communication was still intact.

They posted tolu to Lagos state for her service year. She met a working class man in Lagos 3 months in Lagos. The communication between Tolu and Ade stated decreasing that sometimes Tolu may not pick Ade’s call. Ade finished her master, and he came back to Nigeria to visit Tolu. By then Tolu had finished her NYSC. Ade got another scholarship for his PhD in US due his outstanding master result 3 months after travelling back to Nigeria.

Their relationship was so intact and rosy that Ade was so sure that Tolu was his future wife. He asked her “will still wait for me to finish my PhD” Tolu answered yes. Six months after living in Nigeria he processed his travelling to US for his PhD. He never knew that was the end to their relationship.

The relationship started having problem when Ade may not call for one week. This made Tolu to start worrying about what is happening and even when she complained to his mother sane response that he hadn’t called them. Ade send her letter that his mummy is not in support of their relationship. Tolu was so sick after, the man she met during her service year had married. She continued to say, where we I start from

What a broken promise!!!!!

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