I started my journey a century ago but formalized me 6 decades ago. I was so happy the way I started. Most people were optimistic about my progression in two years. They thought in the next decades would be so great. On that faithful day when they legalized me, hope and joy and happiness were in town. I was so happy with myself that my journey will continue to move in a positive and sped direction.

I am today faced with a lot of problems I think within me we may not solve the problem. None of my friends like to associate with me. They have given me a lot of names that within me I am so sad that there is nothing I can do to reject the names. My children can’t solve problems I am faced today and also maybe those yet to be born. 
I whisper to my guardians for the solution to my problems but they never listened instead they pretend that everything is all right. I am so sad that today my children are being enslaved in my neighbor territory when they go out in search of their survival. I have failed as a parent, my children are hungrily looking, no reward for their monthly labor, and insecurity all over my territory. I am lagging my colleagues in the term of present-day development. My friends’ children have passed my children in almost everything. 
My children are the enemy of one another because I have no power to control them except my guardian who can do that. My guardians’ children are doing so well with my hand made resources are lavish since they never work for it. I sleep in darkness almost every time with an irregular power supply. I am today voicing out so they can help me.

  • CHANGE ME FOR BETTER I can still perform more than my friends. (I am NIGERIA)

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