In Arabic language, human beings are called “ALHINSAN” the one who forget. Our origin as humans is that we forget a lot.

It was a Saturday morning, when the youngest were sent on errands while the eldest engaged in other activities that matched with their age. They sent Ade on an errand to buy bread. While going he worked passed a field where children play football.

Ade waited and watched the football what was so interesting. He asked who were the last set if he could join. After three hours, it was their turn to play, and he joined to play. He played for 30 minutes and rested. He remembered the errands and started crying because he couldn’t found the money and the delay of errands.

He knew he was in a soup of two offences. They already looking for him shouting “where is Ade”. Ade was caught crying, and they took him patiently into the house where he would receive his punishment 

Who will help Ade from receiving the beat of his life?

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