In Public health, there is a concept called HERD IMMUNITY. It involves immunizing a larger percentage of population from a disease which prevent them from being infected and also transmitting the disease to others.
Herd immunity needs to be extended to our society, many of us work on the street seeing the future of our country in an idle state,some are not going to school while some hawk on the street and some even run after motor on the express road to sell for a living and some have turn to beggars.

We all close our eyes and believe all is well instead of demanding for qualitative public education we all take our children to private schools.We never think of it that those children who are denied of good education today will become liability to the society tomorrow and may likely come back to us to demand for their right in bad ways.
The recent death of one of the prominent Yoruba leaders show us that even if we have the privilege to travel out and we think are safe in which we are not actually safe because we still have some of our families in the country and a day may come that we may have the nostalgia of coming to our father land.

Herd immunity on my side involves that a sizeable number of children (95%) minimum in our their country have access to quality education (Primary and Secondary) because this is one of the remedy to ignorant which will prevent and addressed insecurity in our country.
We need to take the bull by the horn in ensuring our government take this into consideration.Kindly don’t sell the future of your generation because of that token.

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  1. Good read. But you guys don’t proofread your posts before publishing. The message of that post would have gone way far deepar than what it is right now, if only you had proofread and edited it well.

    Also, the sentenced are weak. Short sentences would have given ymthw message a clearer picture than long redundant ones. Lastly, I believe the post could have been longer to convey correctly its theme. The writeup is too short to justify the theme intended to pass across to the readers.

    Overall, it’s a good read and a lovely message. Quality education is the only antidote to mass ignorance. And this can only be achieved by “mass effort”.

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