Life during 100Level days was full of fun. Everybody came from diverse area, and we have heard a lot of stories how students failed a lot . Calling for exam script was a tedious thing we couldn’t ask for. Everybody resorted into prayer.

They released my second semester result in a course that year. I looked at the board stated to look for my result. I found out that the score I saw wasn’t my result. The problem was reporting for correction.

I was afraid of the fact what of if it was my result and problem associated with calling for the script. My mate would laugh at me if I was marked down again after correction. I was in a faculty where CGPA didn’t count. What important is scoring the least mark of 40?

I summoned the courage and continuous praying towards the man’s heart to assist me in the correction. I put on my hope in God and prepared for the worst that could happen.

I approached the man writing no letter. I was hopeful and also afraid of the consequences. The man checked for my score and found a mistake. My hope assisted me and turn into a better result.

I have never stopped in believing in hope to solve certain challenges that I have faced.

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