I am sitting on my chair and I wonder what would have happened if COVID-19 were to have started from Nigeria. COVID-19 started  months ago from China and today, it has spread to virtually all the countries in the world. This is a pathetic situation that worth pondering upon. Is the present situation​ to unite or divide us?

The case of COVID-19 in other countries outside Africa is so much that their health care system is so overwhelmed. A lot of dead and active case has been recorded in those countries. Nigeria as a case study needs to be pondered upon. The result released so far is still very minimal but we can’t rely on this because we lack adequate data in this country. If COVID-19 were to have started from Nigeria, what would have happened to the country and common men?

The difference between the developed countries and developing countries is actually the leadership structure. The leaders in developed countries see themselves as servants to their countrymen while leaders in Africa see themselves as Lords that are above the law.

China as a country has done their best so far with the healthcare system at its disposal likewise other countries.Nigeria leaders would have turned it into politics blaming one another till the whole country would have suffered. Most of them would have traveled out of the country with their family members because they are less concerned about what average Nigeria feels.
Do you expect them to stay in Nigeria ? They know that our health care sector is a non-functional sector and they are less concerned because they have access to our state fund to travel anytime they like. The present situation in Nigeria would have been so pathetic. So many religious leaders would have traveled out sending their prayer home. Thereby leaving the common men in the country. Common men don’t even have access to Aso rock villa and Government houses in different states. The probability of the leaders and powerful men contacting the disease would have been so minimal. Common men would have suffered!!!

The present situation in the country should serve as a lesson and catalyst to revitalize the health care system. We need to care for our home country ,where we live and our place of origin. Our position in life should be for the benefit of mankind. Stop stealing public funds for personal selfish interest, your children and children yet unborn.

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