During the first decade of life, we approached life in an open mind. When we the children fought, we became friends, and this has assisted us in conflict resolution. Some of us who lived in a community can testify to this. We ran from pillar to post, doing a lot of play with sand, ourselves and any things that could make us happy.

I remember when we heard ice cream man outside the house all of us ran outside to see ice cream man. Ice cream is something that as a child, you would want to miss. So sweet that you got annoyed when the ice turned into a liquid.

Life isn’t ice cream.

We never knew that we were in this world for a serious business during the first decades of life. We thought things would be easy and rosy. Reality of life done on us when all us the children started venturing into a unique life journey.  Our friends dropped out from primary school, secondary school leading them to learn apprenticeships while some entered university. People faced the reality of life after university waited at home for so many years before getting a job. Some that couldn’t cope committed suicides which some venture into illicit act to make an end meet.

Life the difficulties and achievements 
I blessed us along the journey of life, and at the same we faced a lot of disappointments. During the crest of life, we were happy, forgetting and carried away that tomorrow may be bitter. When the downs of life approach, we have to build resiliency. We need optimism and see every downs as an opportunity to grow. This will determine our success or not. Although it is difficult but we must be strong.

If life were to be ice cream. We may not be serious because there won’t be anything to catapult us. Life will be sweet with no bitterness. 

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