Taiwo was a brilliant student that all his mates wish they could be like him. He got admission into a university the year he left secondary school.

The day of resumption was near. He was happy that he would leave his parents for the first time. His father took him to the school for resumption. As they entered the campus, the environment looked so serene that one would that this is an academic environment. He asked his father “are we in the University now” the father replied “yes”.

They finished the registration that same day because everything was so easy. They gave him accommodation inside the school. The father wished him well,  he had to leave.

Taiwo had a first class (4.8) CGPA at 100L. He started moving with some friends in 200L. I lured him into a dangerous gang then the CGPA started dropping. By 300L, he was already on 3.9 CGPA. He went home, sometimes maybe twice in a year. He was living outside the campus now. His father visited him once in 300L at the apartment. His father was also busy to come to the university to check on him.

He organised a birthday party in 400L which was a big one ( Ayegbo oorun mo). They hinted his daddy about the birthday by someone. He drove to his apartment and to his surprise, the son of a clergyman is now a drug addict. He had stationed security agent to arrest him so he could take him home.

It surprised the boy to see his father. He remembered that he had forgotten the son of whom he was. The father tried to grab him but his friend wanted to retaliate to rescue him. The security agent entered to arrest them.

His father told him as brilliant as you were. This is a state of oblivion.

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