We live in the world of unknown, and sometimes we don’t believe something can happen. When it happened, we still wonder.
A lot of powerful men had lived on this earth. They usurp the earth resources behaving as if they are the controller general of the world. God still has mercy on mankind because his grace still keep us alive. 

Election in Nigeria 15 years ago was more of thuggery than today. No tribunal to go after the declaration. It was unfortunate in Ibadan the former capital of old western region was notorious for electoral violence. There was a man in Ibadan that was powerful than the president.
He used his power to single-handedly remove a governor in Oyo state. It was so terrible then.

I was in Osun State that year when the announced  is death in news.  I was outside the mosque listening to the news. I couldn’t believe my ear, I said  “it is not possible “ I waited for 6 hours to call home because that social media wasn’t that active in Nigeria. I asked to confirm, and I was told “baba is dead”  I was afraid that a lot of trouble would happen in Ibadan. I started remembering that some family depended on him. To my surprise, the trouble wasn’t that much.

So baba is late, I couldn’t believe my ear. Power belong to God. We should work on this earth. Death humbles mankind. The powerful have died with a simple death when they least expected.

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