The hustle is real

We live in a country that we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Anything can happen at anytime. A nation where we don’t even know the exact number of people in the country. How can we plan?
The situation is like a father that doesn’t know the exact number of his children. How will he plan for them?
This is the genesis of our problem in Nigeria. It has affected all the sectors from political economy, legal, technology, social and education. We have to face the situation and stop living in denial.

We are in the phase of hustling. If you can’t hustle, you will continue to be at a spot. My presence on this platform is also because of hustling. I have seen families that father and mother leave house early in the morning. They are tired at night with little time to check about the welfare of their children this has affected the society.

When I leave my house in the morning see my Fellow country men running after cars and buses. Able-bodied men doing some menial work to make ends meet. Women carrying their baby under the day sun with the child crying and mother not bothered sometimes. I see men and women hustling to even risk their lives in this period of  COVID-19 when the government order them to stay at home. Man must survive and pay his bills. Citizens provide the basics necessity of life by themselves, this has added to the cost of leaving. 

Hustle is so real on my side because I need multiple sources of income. This made me venture into other activities outside my daily work.

Is you refused to hustle in this part of the world Nigeria with harsh economy climate where businesses try to struggle. They doom you.  

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