Each time I look back at the journey of my life. I always thank God because I can say I am one if the luckiest on the earth surface. One thing is that you can’t push me to take any decisions if I am not convinced.

Everyone one of us was waiting to receive that thing. Guess what? the call-up letter. If you are a Nigerian, you should understand what it means. For the sake of international people who might read this. It is the National Youth Service Corps after the university to serve Nigeria for a year.

I was sitting on my bed that same night when I checked my phone for the place they posted me to. It was a place in the eastern part of the country. Everybody was happy that this is the time for me to go the east. My view about the posting differed greatly from everyone. It took it with faith and guess what? I told myself that I am not ripe to go because of the delaying factors. I told my family that I was going. Some were angry with me but I cared less because of the controller of my life.

Nobody knew the reason for my decision but I care less to explain. I piled some activities up for me which I needed to complete. I wanted to dedicate the one year for myself with no distractions.
I care less about what people said although I was getting older.

I took the path to complete those things delaying me before going for the service. When I look back that the decision was the best for me. It has assisted me to be I am today.

We shouldn’t take the path that everyone take. Our joy in life is first before every other things. 

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