Every successful country in the world today invest in their youth and also protect them because they are the leaders of today and tomorrow.The reverse is the case of my country.
The recent killing of the Federal University Oye Ekiti sadden my heart that my country cut off the journey of life of these students.These students who were from families whose parents would being expecting that they will soon graduate.The hope of the families are in vain with nobody to speak for their justice.

Nigeria had witnessed incessant death of more than 5 youths in this year from mere gun shut from law enforcement agency.We wonder if the life of youths are of important to the government with their nonchalant attitude concerning the incidence.Since the perpetrators of those acts were never brought to book,I conclude within myself that youth life is of no important in this country.
Are we waiting till a day that the child of a prominent person in the country will be killed carelessly by the law enforcement agency? time will tell. As for me, I think we should be more proactive rather than being reactive.

My condolence to the families of the deceased, Nigeria has cut off the journey of your children.

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