He was elusive,

He smelled trouble miles away,

He was darkness,

She was light.


Her head screamed ‘retreat!’

Yet her heart was ready to surrender.

She was willing to risk everything,

Things she once held dear.


She alone had the key,

He alone could unlock it.


The vault was Paradise,

A forbidden place,

Yet there she stood.

For a heartbeat,

She was willing to defile the order.


She was light,

He was darkness.

What bearing does light have with darkness?


Yet she,

Here she stood in the vault,

Intoxicated by his laugh,

His voice like freshly brewed wine,

His eyes dark as the starless sky.


Ice and fire,

Hot and cold,

Together they stood in the vault.

Her secret vault.


She has the key,

Only he could unlock it.

Together they stood.

He was her doom.

She was ready to dance to the tune,

Yes, risking everything

For just the moment.

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