Unshakeable, Unstoppable. We Are Survivors

Unshakeable, Unstoppable. We Are Survivors

Unshakeable, Unstoppable.
We Are Survivors

Just as every year we had already proclaimed that 2020 year was our year and yes this time things worked well in our favour well until…

When we least expected it things fell out of place. Just like that a new world rose. A disease came to our attention . The number of deaths kept on rising like ants on their way to capture food for cold days.
Remember the plans you had before Covid-19?
I had plans. I was only one week away to a church conference I had anticipated for days, weeks and months. Just when I thought I had it all under control, the outfit, I even prepared myself spiritually.
New words were introduced, let us be real. If it was not for this covid-19 pandemic would you have known what ‘Quarantine’ meant ? No, I thought as much.
I have come to a place where I said to myself.
I cannot control who gets to die or who gets to live.
I cannot control who gets to get fired or who gets hired.
I cannot control who gets infected and who does not.
There a lot going on so to save myself I started putting my energy and focus on things I could control.
Like how I always wear my mask, how I eat, dress and exercise.
Covid-19 came with a lot of things but it gave us the 6 months break in a year we always longed for.
Remember that joke?
It gave us time to go back to the drawing board to reassert and reinvent ourselves. It gave the time we need to spend with our loved ones, such precious times.
It gave us everything we wanted I am not saying souls had to die so we can regain ourselves but if that is what it took to regain humanity then we are forever grateful for the sacrifice.
People had the time to think of business ideas.
Now they are waiting like they are running the marathon and everybody is excited!
Is that not lovely?
To see humans this excited about change?
If you are the same person you were before the pandemic then you need another one.Covid-19 came to destroy us but we conquered because we are warriors.
We are placed on a firm ground and we will not be moved we are unshakeable like mountains.
We are unstoppable like the storm that comes from the east side.
We are humanly inhuman.
We are just not humans there is much than what meets the eye.
We take what was meant to destroy us,use it as a weapon to better ourselves.
That is not what I call living. I call it survival.
We are survivors.

Lives have changed. Lifestyles have been improved.
Relationship have moved to the next level.
We have suffered the most but we trust the process.
Tomorrow is going to be a bright day!
Faith, hope and love is still there.
United we are still standing.

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