A 3rd person POV

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My nerd, quick as a sharpie.
Quirks at its best.
Smooth, sharp, yet suspicious .
Sarcasm,flows in her veins.
Ever calculating, yet carefree.

Irritability in its free form, but
nice to all.
Open to few;yet guarded to many.
Always assuming,quick in defense.
A ball of fire, a drop of ice.
She could almost swear;she once saw smoke emitting from her ears.

Slowly,quick to apologize.
With all these imperfections;a beautiful soul is unveiled.
A beautiful nerd,with her lopsided smile.
With her thick rimmed spectacles.
Which she’s adjusting, every nanosecond.
An adorable sight to behold.

Strong ,independent and fragile.
A triple threat.
Combination of characters,unpredictable.
“She dare thought, she had a
personality disorder”.
Smiling now, secluded next ,and hyper after.
Never, seen nothing like that.

My beautiful nerd, I’m fazed by the crinkles–on your cheeks when you smile.
Your carefree, and ever booming laughter.
That emits sparkles, and lights up like a bulb of energy.
My goofball of sunshine,and what not.

The folded triple lines above your nose;with their ferrous intensity.
Your ability to talk,smile,and help is all shades of gorgeous .

Oh my, she’s a talker.
A fine blend of intro and extro-vertiness.
Her straight face;which is scary,but alluring.
Till I write yet again, nerd.
Stay beautiful–Always.

Tobi-Makinde MelodyĀ©

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