Cinematheque: MUST SEE

Cinematheque: MUST SEE


Hey there,

Are you tired of the status quo? The regular Hollywood scenery becoming a bore and a repetitive cycle.🙄

Looking for something else? Thrilling, exciting, interesting and different.
Well, there’s great news for you,🥳 if you fall into that category.

The power of storytelling is undoubtedly powerful- especially when it evolves into something more.😀
So! Here’s my recommendation for “exciting” Filipino movies. They are an absolute must watch; I just might do the same for k-drama movies and Mexican movies. 

But for now-here are some mouthwatering movies to binge watch.😻

FIRST, on the list:

The movie title is translated in English as “Sharpshooter,”😇 which is a weird name on first thought. But, during the course of the movie-every little detail eventually fits and clicks.

It is a 2018 Philippine movie that embodies brilliancy in every aspect- building up the ‘viewers’ interest minute by minute through the magnificent use of “foreshadowing”. I must admit. It cranks up the excitement up till it clinches a reasonable crescendo.
The storyline revolves around three families originally; and how their past merges with their present and indirectly spells out their future. It explores ambition, power, politics, family drama and a whole lot of action- I’m talking guns, shoot outs and the likes.

The potency of unfurling romance tinged with hatred amidst the unending chaos– was an absolute sight to see. The fashion statement in the movie was spectacular- I mean, some styles in the movie were mouthwatering🥶.

This movie is hands down one of the best movies that explored the theme “one sided love”- to the fullest, carefully examining both point of views duly involved. The movie went further to highlight the supposed advantages and disadvantages of unrequited love- while carefully admonishing viewers about boundaries and knowing the value behind understanding when to move on.

It especially pointed out the clear difference between ‘flat out usage’ and ‘love’; ‘toxic love’ and ‘love.’ It also sailed us through the process of self-discovery, identity and the importance of self-respect in relationships. If I were to describe this movie in one word- I would say Sharp.

SECOND, on the list:

This movie was one hell of a movie. In the Legendary words of ‘Olamide’ (a Nigerian artiste) each episode was a banger back- to- back. There are only few movies out there with such ingredient of immersion this movie seems to possess and exude. This is a 2017 filipino movie embedded with a lot of lessons about love.
The genre was a mix of romance, comedy and insanely heart breaking drama.

The plot was a thoughtful mix of intelligence, adventure, eyes-watering comedy and an ironical dose of reality.
The story revolves around a 40-year old CEO of a huge tech company, whose wife left him. After annulment, he’s left alone to play two roles (father and mother) to his three children.
Then, in exploring the female side- it followed the life of a 27-year old event organizer whose relationship crashed after she caught her partner cheating.

For someone who claims to be tough, I repeatedly caught the love bug in several episodes of this movie.

I was so impressed 🤭 by the enlightening lessons packed into each episodes. From addressing the issue of age difference as a major issue in life and love as an excuse, to the glaring yet soft sermon of understanding the depth of ‘singleness’ and enjoying it.

The strongest pull, however was the importance of ‘timing’ in every aspect of life and love. And, the gradual walk to understanding the depths of Trust.
My one word description for this movie would be – Sleek.

THIRD, on the list

This movie right here is an all-time classic. A legitimate infusion of whiplash 🤐 at every angle coated with drama. The exploration of various feelings and point of views.

It is a 2017 Philippine movie of the genre melodrama and romance.
But, be warned- this movie requires something crunchy to munch on the side as it contains a whole lot of furor and twists. The issues deeply treated were jealousy, comparison, friendship, obsession, ambition, contentment, and esteem issues. 

The implication of past actions and how it clashes with the present and somehow collides with future.

The disintegration of friendship and how it somehow comes full circle in the future. The importance of mental health and the toll of emotions on health and total well-being.

It was a total eye-opener. The acting was gut-wrenchingly relatable and real. My one word description for this movie is Amazing.

FOURTH, on the list:

This movie is absolute bonkers 🤯. With a total of six seasons, this movie is insanely dramatic- kind of reminds me about Pretty little liars.

An oldie, but goodie; a 2015 Philippine series of the genre Melodrama, romance and comedy.
This was a huge family drama series spanning the live of twins Kara and Sara. It explored a lot of gothic and dark themes- along with plenty of emotional tension to go around.

When it seems like there’s finally peace, a huge twist occurs usually involving near death experiences and death threats. The sass, drama, and full on geared fights all made the six seasons dose worthwhile. Their midlife crisis was somewhat annoying at some point, but highly entertaining- I mean, how do you cope with crisis every day? I don’t know the answer, but this movie does.

The movie unapologetically dealt with jealousy, identity discovery, sibling rivalry, life at its finest and a whole lot of important issues. My one word description for this movie- would be Epic.

LASTLY, on the list:

The promise is a 2015 Philippine love drama series. A classical love story of two backgrounds clashing and the challenges being faced.
A personal favorite of mine. It was an intense two season series exploring the past love cycle of the lead couple’s parents which could have been one powerful story. However this story was distorted due to carefully crafted lies, greed, ambition and distrust.
Twenty years later, something akin to that was happening to two youngsters- Angelo (the governor’s son) and Yna (a budding chef).

My wholehearted respect goes to the writers and all the actors involved on the set of this movie. The show was a total package of life at various stages of growth and changes.

It was a total showdown of power, revenge and action. A true testament that Love at times is war, even amidst chaos and that time can be so fleeting. It is fully enriched with unending food, drama and romance at its finest.

In fact, the movie opened my eyes to the lengths people could go to attain ruin and destruction over someone else, and to gain power and attention.

It was a major trip to ‘shitville’ and back- especially when the tides changed. The movie, shed a green light on the deceptive ability of feelings and “bodily chemical reactions.”
You should check it out. My one word description for this movie would be- Electrifying.


With the above said, you are welcome to one hell of a ride🚴.

Get started, on any of the movies listed and give me your feedbacks.

Till, next week. Love and light guys!.


Melody Tobi-Makinde’20©

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